Featured Member: Jennifer K

Jennifer is a super Smiley member in Chicago! She loves to try before she buys, and share the products she loves with friends, family and even strangers at the grocery store!

About Jennifer
I am a 32-year-old stay at home mom of 4 fantastic, beautiful children. I have what I consider my perfect family, twin boys age 5, 2 daughters ages 11 and 8, and a wonderful husband and father to our children. We live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Although most of my days are consumed with the daily mommy & wifely duties, I do like to take some time to myself. I love to coupon, I have my once week bingo night with my close family, but most importantly I love spending any amount of downtime with my kids and husband no matter what we are doing!

What I like about being a Smiley360 Member
What’s not to like, there are so many things! However, some of my favorites are the fact that a full size sample is given. Most times only 1 small amount is given and I don’t feel that you get the full effect by just that alone. With the cost of things nowadays and the economy being hard on everyone, it is nice to be able to “test drive” a product before wasting a ton of money on something that does nothing for you. Lastly, one of my ultimate favorites is being able to give my insight to someone else about a product I have been able to try. No matter in a grocery store, talking to family and friends, or on the phone with customer service I can always find an outlet to promote something I have tried or give advice to someone in need about it. I loooove talking to people!

What my favorite Smiley360 Mission has been
The ARM & HAMMER Plus OxiClean Crystal Burst Detergent Mission. Again, the full sized sample was fantastic! Being a family of 6 I do A LOT of laundry every week so this really came in as a handy bonus. This is something I don’t think I would have ever purchased or thought of purchasing if I didn’t have the chance to try it. Turned out I LOVED it, and have purchased and used it ever since!

How do I share while on a Smiley360 Mission
First and foremost I share a huge amount on Facebook and Twitter. I also talk on the phone daily to many family and friends. I have no problem giving my suggestion to that stranger in the aisle at the store struggling to make a decision or just because I want to share with another person. I see the school moms every day and tell them face to face whenever I am on a new mission and I give them all the details. I constantly brag about Smiley360 to everyone I can, and I know many people have joined since me bragging about how great Smiley is!

Do I think it is important for consumers to listen to their customers
Absolutely! We the consumer are the ones who they are making the product for. If there is a problem, or if there is a way to make it better and numbers of people say the same thing, I definitely think they should look into making some changes. The more they don’t listen or make changes, the less we are willing buy their products! Why support them, when they cannot support us in return when we are the ones utilizing what they are selling?

What is my favorite piece of technology I own
By far, my iPad. I don’t know what I would do without it. I am able to do everything I need to and more on it whether at home or on the go.

What brands or products could I not live without
I couldn’t live without Advil Children’s or Adults! Great for mommy’s headaches and with having 4 children, great to have on hand for fevers. I also couldn’t live without my scunci hair ties! Being a stay at home mom, my hair is up in a bun or pony most days and there is nothing better than a good hair tie to keep your hair up tight!

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