How to Earn Smiles

We’ve built the Smiley360 Sharing Tools to make it as easy as possible for you to complete your mission. The sharing tools on your mission page let you do all your sharing from one place, so you can seamlessly share all your opinions about the products we’ve sent you.

After our very popular article last month entitled “How to Write a Good Product Review”, a member named Melody requested that we write an article on how to earn all 50 Smiles for a mission.

More completed missions put you in better standing to receive future missions! Do you have trouble completing a mission? Read our guide on how to use each of the Sharing Tools to get all 50 Smiles and complete your mission.

On your mission page, you’ll see all the ways you can share.

Facebook & Twitter

The first tool is for Facebook & Twitter. Click “Share Now” to be brought to our Facebook app. Select the campaign you’ll be sharing, rate your product or experience between 1 and 10, add your own personal comments and click submit. You’ll also have the option to post to Twitter from the app.
The first time you use our Facebook app, you’ll have to authorize it to your profile.


The next tool is Face2Face. This allows you to earn Smiles for talking about your mission offline. Click “Report Now” to bring up the form for Face2Face sharing. Use the dropdown menu to put in how many people you talked to about the product. Then describe what happened. For example, you might tell us that you were out to lunch with 5 friends, told them that you’d just joined a new Smiley360 mission and couldn’t wait to receive your free sample in the mail. Finally, you can rate the response you received on a scale of 1 to 10.


Do you have a blog or website where you’d like to tell your readers about your new mission? With ClickThru, you can post a custom link to your website that will earn you Smiles every time a visitor to your site clicks on the link. To use this tool, click on “Click for Even More ways to Share”. Under “Share a link for up to 10 Smiles” you’ll see a custom link that you can either copy and paste to your website, or click “share” to automatically post it to one of the social sites listed.

Smiley360 Connect

Smiley360 Connect is a community just for Smiley members to share your thoughts on your favorite brands. Click on the Smiley360 Connect link under “Click for Even More ways to Share” to bring you to the Smiley360 Connect community. From there, you’ll find a link that takes you to the official Smiley360 Connect page for your mission. Click the “Add Your Review” button to bring up the comment form. You can rate the brand on a scale of 1 to 5 Smiles, add a photo, video, or link and write a review of the brand or one of its products. Make sure to follow the review guidelines listed and always share your honest opinion.


For some missions, there might be extra tasks that will earn bonus Smiles. These tasks might include completing a post-mission survey, blogging about the mission, sharing certain experiences with the product, or completing an action specific to the product. Missions with bonus Smiles will always be explained with their own directions.

We hope this step-by-step guide will help you complete your Smiley360 missions.Let us know your favorite ways to share in the comments below.

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