10 Pictures That All Parents Can Relate To

It’s no secret that being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have in life. Parents also know that even though you love them, your kids know just what to do to drive you crazy! Check out these relatable photos that basically sum up what it means to be a parent.


You know that sometimes, no matter how many times you tell them something, sometimes, they just don’t seem to get it.


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Since you’ve become a parent you’ve said goodbye to the dull moments!


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When it comes to ways of doing things sometimes you and your kids just aren’t on the same page.


Because you've been there:
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You really don’t mind if your toddler wants to play that game where he hides all of his toys around the house….until you find out the hard way that one of those “toys” had an expiration date.


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They do always have the most impeccable timing…


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You know that you’re not going to get an answer you’re happy with, but you always ask anyway!


Jerry Seinfeld
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Ah yes, the terrible twos.


I'm going…:
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If you’ve ever raised a teenager then this should sound awfully familiar.


When it comes to the ups and downs of parenting, sometimes you just have to laugh. That's why greeting card artist and dad of two Brian Gordon created Fowl Language Comics, a funny, sweet and often...:
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“Mom I have literally checked everywhere! It’s not here!”


Because this has 100% been your phone:
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Did someone say Selfie!?

Share your stories with us! What is the craziest thing your child has ever done?

12 thoughts on “10 Pictures That All Parents Can Relate To

  1. oh my goodness yes! it was that way when my kids were on the bottle and then sippy cup. found one that was hidden for weeks. UGH. All these are so true lol. I always love the Teenager one too. yes get a job move out etc. LOL. Thank you #Smiley360 for the great laughs here.

  2. I particularly like the useless question, “Why did you do that? It reminds me of the time my sister and her husband were visiting at our house. My daughter was 3 & 1/2 years old. While we were talking she slipped into my bathroom and proceeded to paint herself with my liquid make up. That meant an immediate bath. My sister and her husband decided to go visit other relatives since thy had recently returned home from 3 years in Hawaii. I knew my daughter well enough and the bath water was low that I could step out of the room for a minute to say good-by. We were all standing in front of our house when my daughter comes “streaking” out of the bathroom. She explain that she thought my sister and her husband were leaving to go back to Hawaii and just wanted to say good-by. Still, “why did you do that?! Oh, and only half of the make up had come off!

  3. Parents nightmares and Grandparents revenge, We visit we have them for a couple of days but they always go back home. But Grandma let me, Grandma said you would get me one when we said ask your parents when it comes to ponies and pets.

  4. Love this ♡♡ and it’s all true!! They have done so much I don’t even know where to start!!

  5. Too funny!  I actually had a copy of that teen poster and had it on the wall!  My kids were awesome though!  They are grown now but the memories will always remain.

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