On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.. We all know the childhood song that spreads the holiday cheer in advance. Ever consider giving it a try?

So you definitely don’t have to go out of your way, hunting for six geese laying or ten lords leaping. And although the guys won’t mind the nine ladies dancing and the girls would love the five golden rings, you won’t have to step far out of your budget either.

Here are some great gift ideas that anyone would enjoy, in no particular order:

  1. A year’s subscription to a magazine. Whether fashion, variety or trade, magazines are pretty much begging you to subscribe to them every time you click online, so why not. Plus most people would prefer to hold what they’re reading rather than just scroll online.
  2. A personalized USB drive. There are places online where you can customize anything and make it more fun to use. Customusb.com allows you to choose a cute or quirky USB drive and even have the person’s name engraved.
  3. A facial treatment at a spa. Winter weather isn’t the friendliest to our skin, so both men and women can use an hour or so of rejuvenation.
  4. A checklist pad. Stationary stores always carry more decorative ones this time of year. Show them that you care about their neuropyschology, as studies have shown, people remember more when they write things down.
  5. Season’s DVD of their favorite show. They wont have to download the million episodes online. They’ll just pop in the DVD whenever they want.
  6. Box of assorted oatmeal. Quaker or Kashi, even Nutrisystem. There are several brands that sell yummy boxes of flavored oatmeal. It’s a warm and healthy three minute breakfast.
  7. Set of cocktail glasses. They can’t have guests over without them. Whether they live on their own or with roomates or family, it’s good to have a set ready for a good time
  8. Sports team jersey or sweater. It’s football and basketball season. You can find great sports memorabilia anywhere. Who doesn’t love something with their favorite or hometown’s sports team hanging in their closet?
  9. Cool iPod or mp3 player case. Skinit.com has really cool ones that can add a more individual feel to their music players.
  10. Fabric shopping bags. Ecobags.com has useful totes that they can carry grocery shopping. Anything environmentally friendly this season is gift option.
  11. A hug. Seriously! Unless you have the privilege of seeing them every single day, a warm hug is always wanted. Researchers claim that hugging increases the bonding hormone oxytocin and decrease the risk of heart disease.
  12. Set up a Smile.ly profile for them! Let them join the online community of brand lovers. They’ll love the missions and freebies and the chance to share their opinions of products online during their spare time. Hey, they can’t facebook all day.

If you can pick one person dear enough to you and aim to make them smile for twelve consecutive days, your Christmas will surely be one to remember and cherish.