With a growth of 81% in Smartphone usage in 2012, the mobile applications market has been exploding. Developers have been working diligently in hopes of creating the next “it” app. While it’s difficult to compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Candy Crush, there have been quite a few breakthrough apps in 2013. Vine, the fast growing video application that allows users to make short 6 second clips, is just one of the many apps that has been making a splash these past few months.  With thousands of apps to choose from, it’s hard to differentiate between the gimmicks and the gems. Here are three apps that cost a whopping zero dollars and are well worth the 45 MB of memory.

1) Viddy :

With Vine and the newly added video feature to Instagram, there are many applications that are great for capturing moments and creating memories. Vine set the precedent by making an app that was able to pause and resume recording of up to 6 seconds of video. Instagram took it one step further by more than doubling the record time to 15 seconds, while being able to add all of your favorite Instragram filters.

Viddy allows you to do all of this, and more! With up to 30 seconds of recording, this application allows you to add music, contrast and a variety of different effects to your videos. After recording, you can then share your masterpieces on Facebook and Twitter for all your friends to see. This app is available now for both iPhone and Android.


2) Chirp:

With so many different forms or communication, the market is running thin on new and innovative ways to share information. There’s text messaging, picture messaging, but what about sound messaging? Chirp allows users to send pictures, contacts, and other information to fellow chirpers through unique sounds produced by the app. Simply select the information you want to send, hit the yellow button, and any users within range will receive it. This is all done through the built in speakers on an iPhone, and it even works in noisy places. If you’re someone who likes to be the first on the scene, check out Chirp, available only in the iTunes app store.

3) Path:

People’s networks have become so large, that it becomes difficult to keep in touch with the people who matter most. With Path, that is no longer a problem. Path is a social media application that sets a maximum friend limit at 150. This ensures that one’s network is small and familiar so that users can feel comfortable posting. When users know exactly who is viewing their content, they can freely say things they may have been reluctant to do before.  Anything posted to Path can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter so that users can stay connected with their Path friends, as well as their larger networks. It’s a great way to stay connected on a variety of different levels. This application is also available on both iPhone and Android.





Through the power of social media, people have been able to connect with long lost friends and relatives that live thousands of miles away. Every day there are new applications that try to heighten the experience of sharing information to the vast amount of people in one’s network. If you’re looking for a new, great way to share, feel free to download these apps and give them a try. Whether it’s chirping a coupon to a friend, or sending Smiley a Viddy of your BIC Mark-It creations, there are a numerous amount of ways to get creative and share.