Summer is finally upon us! Before you grab your towels and bathing suits, take the time to soak up some helpful tips before you hit the beaches to soak up the sun. It is a busy season for everyone and it's not easy to stay healthy and hydrated in the strong summer sun. Between your kids' soccer games, work, trips to the beach, and vacationing, it is difficult to worry about your health when you're worried about just being somewhere on time. Thankfully, it is very simple to stay healthy and in control of your life with three small suggestions that make a big difference.

It’s official; the much awaited, sun-drenching season is now here! June 21st marked the formal start of the summer season and things are already starting to sizzle.  With record temperatures expected nationwide in the upcoming months, it is important to stay healthy this summer.

Among the copious benefits of summer such as sun-kissed skin, beach going, and pool lounging, summer also has its drawbacks: the tail-end of the allergy season, the threat of dehydration and skin damage, as well as the seemingly inescapable urge to eat ice cream everyday.

With the unavoidable hot, muggy days approaching, here are some tips on how to beat the heat and stay healthy:

  1. Drink Plenty of Water: Our bodies need water to survive and it’s recommended that you drink at least eight cups of water a day. Eight cups? Yes. It sounds more
    difficult than it is. If you carry a plastic reusable water bottle with you all day, hydrating becomes second nature (not to mention you’ll be environmentally friendly by eliminating multiple plastic bottles). Drinking enough water is one of the easiest ways to spark a healthy change in your life with little to no effort! The more water you drink, the less likely you are to become dehydrated, especially during the hot summer months. Also, water will help flush toxins right out your body, which also assists in the prevention of muscle ache and the dreaded appearance of cellulite! 

  2. Wear Sunscreen: Though we all crave those beach-bronzed bodies, it is
    important to remember to wear sunscreen. Sun damaged skin can cause a variety of problems ranging from simple, annoying wrinkles to very serious forms of skin cancer. We all hear the all-too-common phrase, “the burn will turn into a tan in a day or two” but when that red goes away it doesn’t mean the damage does too. In fact, it only builds up over the years. Wear a 30 SPF sunscreen every time you step out into the sun to protect your skin- you will still get tan, just in a safer way! Remember to reapply and if you start to burn, cover up and get that part of your body out of the sun.

  3. Take your vitamins: Many of us cannot get the daily nutrients we need just by the food we eat. In an effort to look good in our beachwear, our nutrient intake
    can suffer during the summer. Getting the proper vitamins and minerals is an integral part of a healthy diet and will help ward off infection. Who wants to spend even a few beautiful summer days inside because of sickness? Taking vitamins can help you stay healthy and improve your immune system easily and quickly. You don’t even have to swallow large horse pills; If you don’t take a daily vitamin already, try a brand like 
    Centrum Flavor Burst— a chewable fun colored vitamin– to add the missing nutrients to your summer palate.