Whether it’s crammed under sinks or in designated “junk” drawers and cabinets, we all have a plethora of household products that just seem to be collecting dust instead of being put to good use. Luckily, due to the power of the Internet in combination with creative minds at home, we’ve established a list of alternative uses for standard household products.

  • Fabric Softener Sheets-If you’re having a picnic, BBQ or just enjoying the summer outside dining, line the bottoms of your table or chairs with fabric softener sheets to repel bugs.
  • Toothpaste-The list of handy uses for toothpaste is pretty endless but our favorite is to correct scratches on DVDs. Apply toothpaste with a cotton ball to the whole DVD from outside to center. Rinse with water and then clean with a disc cloth.
  • Chapstick-If you nick yourself shaving, avoid the ol’ toilet paper square routine and use rub chapstick over the cut to stop the bleeding.
  • Meat Tenderizer-Before you head to the beach this summer, make sure to throw a container of meat tenderizer from your spice rack into your beach bag. If a jellyfish attacks, use the tenderizer to ease the sting—way better than the “peeing” method if you ask us…
  • Mouthwash-Dab mouthwash on pimples with a cotton ball to use as a substitute astringent. Out of deodorant and desperate? Mouthwash can also be applied as a deodorant due to its bacteria killing agents that eliminate odor.

Do you have any ways of using household items that we should know about?