The Smiley Community is all about having fun—which makes April Fool’s Day one of our favorite holidays! Here are 5 of our all-time favorite pranks.

The Smiley Community is all about having fun—which makes April Fool’s Day one of our favorite holidays!

With April Fool’s Day right around the corner, we’re gearing up for some serious pranking. And to help our members become the ultimate pranksters this year, here are 5 of our all-time favorite tricks.

1. A Confusing Car Ride

Who do you ride with? Whether it’s your child, colleague, partner, or friend—your morning commute is the perfect time to pull this sneaky prank.

Simply draw or stick a sign on the back of your car, instructing other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians to honk and shout your passenger’s name. Your fool will have no idea why strangers are yelling at them, or what’s more confusing—how so many strangers know them by name!

Source: Life Is Good

2. The Shrinking Shoe

When you’re in a morning rush, the last thing you do is slip on your shoes. But what if one morning, they suddenly didn’t fit?!

To start someone’s day off on a goofy foot, use this simple prank to fool your family.

Just roll up some toilet paper and stuff it into the toe of your fool’s shoe. When they try to slip in a foot, to their surprise, the shoe won’t fit!

Source: Meet Penny


3. The Juiciest Prank of All

Got a straw?

This prank works best on juice-loving children, but can be used to fool any unsuspecting juice-guzzler. Simply serve your fool their favorite juice—just make sure it’s served with a straw. When they try to slurp their first sip, no liquid will come up!

Why? It’s not juice at all… it’s a cup of Jell-O!

Source: My City Gossip


4. A Little Water Never Hurt Anyone…

With just a bit of preparation, you can soak in all the humor this holiday has to offer! Using a pin, simply poke a few holes in an unopened plastic water bottle, then leave it up for grabs in the fridge or on the counter.

Once your fool reaches for this quick refreshment, the force of their grip will cause water to squirt out, soaking them in April Fool’s Day fun!

Source: All For The Boys


5. What’s Lurking in the Top Drawer?

Do you know someone who hates clowns… spiders… cockroaches? For a spooky surprise, all you need is a photo!  Simply print out a large photo of the most shocking image you can find, and plant it in your fool’s desk drawer.

When they reach in, your final April Fool will be hilariously frightened. You can even reuse the photo on more than one person throughout the day!

Source: Instagram


What has been your most successful April Fool’s Day prank ever? Share with us in the comments below, or better yet—tag @Smiley360 in a video or photos of this year’s prank on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!