Nutrition month is coming to an end, but our healthy eating habits don’t have to! We love learning about our members’ clean eating tips and tricks, so we’re here with 5 bonus recipes to keep your stomachs and wallets full.

1. Bircher Muesli

You’re probably familiar with the popular breakfast craze known as ‘Overnight Oats’. This make-ahead breakfast isn’t just a passing fad. The chilled and comforting oat-based breakfast stems from a Swiss specialty called Bircher Muesli.

For a quick morning fix, try this healthy dish filled with protein and fiber. We love to change ours up, using different flavors of yogurt and experimenting with new mix-ins, such as berries, coconut flakes, seeds, and nuts.

Healthy bircher muesli recipe.Source: Weight Watchers


Recipe here.

2. Pasta Salad

Pasta is a classic crowd-pleaser! We love a cold pasta salad that lasts the whole week, fills you up, and keeps you going all day long. For added nutrition, swap out your usual noodles for whole wheat, soy, or chickpea pasta.

To prep for a hassle-free week, cook your pasta in bulk, then switch up your recipe each day, adding in your protein, veggies, and seasoning of choice.

Healthy pasta salad recipeSource: Allrecipes


Recipe here.

3. Hummus Melba Toast

Melba toast is a tasty, low-calorie base packing a powerful crunch. Smear on some homemade or store-bought hummus and top with any fresh veggies you’d likesuch as sliced tomato, cucumber, or onionfor a quick and healthy snack. The hummus will fill you up with protein and fiber while the fresh veggies will give you a boost of nutrients. Eat the toast open-faced, or for an on-the-go snack, simply sandwich your hummus and sliced veggies between two pieces of melba toast.

Healthy hummus and melba toast recipeSource: Guava Rose


4. Crunchy Taco Bowls

While burritos aren’t your typical health food, this crunchy taco bowl offers all the flavor without all the calories. For family fun, set up a buffet-style spread of ingredients so your kids can get creative in making their own customized bowls.

Offering plenty of nutrients and fiber, this taco bowl is filled with veggies. And for extra nutrition, you can add in your preferred protein, such as chicken, fish, beef, or beans. Top it off with fresh salsa and switch out sour cream for a dollop of Greek yogurt, and your body and stomach will both thank you!

Healthy taco bell recipeSource:


Recipe here.

5. Smiley’s Icy Chocolate Mousse

For a decadently healthy dessert, look no further than this chocolate mousse! While the classic French indulgence is filled with sugar and fat, our healthy swap contains protein-packed Greek yogurt and no added sugar.

Recipe (Serves 1)


  • 1 cup plain, low-fat Greek yogurt
  • 2-3 tbs stevia (or preferred sugar substitute)
  • 2 tbs cocoa powder


With a spoon, mix yogurt, stevia, and cocoa powder in a bowl until thoroughly blended. Pop the bowl into your freezer and let sit for 1 hour. Then, grab a spoon and enjoy!

Healthy chocolate mousse recipeSource: Cooking with Books


What are your go-to recipes to keep healthy without breaking the bank? Share in the comments below, or tag us in a photo or video on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook featuring your favorite recipe, using the hashtag #SmileyChefs.