We just welcomed home our first child at the beginning of this year. While I was on leave from work, I tried REALLY hard to get out of the house at least once a day. Now that I have decided to stay home with our little guy – it will be so much more important for us to find things to do to get out of the house!

When it comes to activities, we are really excited that summer is coming. That means we can get outside more often to explore. Here are five activities we are planning for this spring and summer, and, BONUS, they are all free!

5 Free Summer Activities for Little Ones

1. Go for a walk! Pick somewhere close by like a friend’s house or lucky for us… the well-known coffee place with the green logo. Packing up in the stroller allows for you to bring plenty of supplies along for your little one, and going somewhere close means you can head home when the “trip” gets too long.

2. Visit your local park. Even if you and your little one watch the other kids running around, it gets you out of the house, in the sun, and you can meet some of the other mom’s in your area!

3. Look for a Farmers market near you. This gets you out of the house, and if you are adventurous enough you could try some new food for you and your kiddo (if they are old enough)

4. Call your local library or book store to find out about story time. Even with our really little one, it is fun to visit the library and interact with other mothers. As your child gets older they will get to know other kids that they might be in school with later.

5. Spring and summer means fairs and carnivals! You don’t have to ride any rides, just go to see animals and colors. Many county fairs have events and competitions with free entry, or maybe even a cutest baby contest for you to enter! Check online for dates and times for events in your city, county or close by.

I hope you have a lovely summer, and find ways to get out and enjoy your time with your little one!

My name is Naomi, I am a DIY Home Décor blogger at DelightCreativeHome.com. My blog features DIY home projects, Free Printables, and product reviews. My husband and I recently adopted our first child, “little dude” – he is currently 4 months old. You can also find me as a reviewer at SweepTight.com – sweeping up fun finds for your family!