Smile, laugh, and/or reminisce Mother’s Day 2011 through the stories of Marcie Sullivan, Rose Kass, Danielle Field, Danielle Savington and Michelle Washburn!  Thanks for sharing your amazing stories.

“I have a great Mother’s Day memory of cooking a very unappetizing breakfast for my mom and her always eating it and telling me it was the best meal she ever had because it was cooked with love! I carry on that same tradition for my kids, who have unfortunately inherited my poor cooking skills.” – Marcie Sullivan

“My mother’s day was great!  My 5-year-old son had painted a clay pot and planted flower seeds in it. He comes home and gives it to me w/ the sweetest card and I look at him and say in a teasing voice “Awww just what I needed a pot of dirt!!” LOL… so I have been teasing him about the pot of dirt he gave me on Mother’s Day. The other day I actually noticed they were sprouting, and I said in a disappointed voice that there was something in my pot of dirt! LOL, he saw them and got sooo excited that the flowers were growing! It was sooo cute.” – Rose Kass

“Best Mother’s Day thus far was 2010. Our son had just had brain surgery & shortly after we learned we were expecting our daughter & she would have Down Syndrome. Needless to say it was a very tough time. The week before Mother’s Day we were told our daughter stopped growing and she wouldn’t make it. With all the time they could, my husband traced our son’s hands and feet into a 3 pocket frame and place “We wuv Muma.” It was the best and still tear up every time I see it. Our daughter was born with Downs but was born and now we have 2 beautiful kids to share the holidays with.” – Danielle Field

“Mother’s Day ’11 I was woken up to a chorus of, “We love you mommy!!!*whispering* “the dogs got sick…everywhere!” Spent 2 hours cleaning up sick dog in nearly every room. That made me late to work at my 2nd job, a waitressing gig. I got there to serve lunch to other mothers and tried to be at my best. I was so bummed that my kid’s weren’t able to do their breakfast in bed surprise (which I, of course, knew was coming) because of the sick dogs. Came home from work to find they’d made me Brinner instead. Waffles with berries and whipped cream! The dogs are fine, and the kids had fun planning a new surprise later in the week.” – Danielle Savington

“I woke up yesterday morning to a wonderful breakfast of spaghettios, fruit cocktail, and a Mountain Dew. A breakfast of champion moms everywhere.” – Michelle Washburn

Motherhood is one of life’s most precious gifts as all of your stories showed.  Thank you to ALL who shared their beautiful/funny/memorable moments with us.