More sunshine and longer days are not only the effects of Daylight Savings–it’s a sign that spring is almost here! That’s right, the weather is warming up and spring is right around the corner–we can almost smell the flowers blooming.

Tired of sitting in the house staring out the window, wishing you could spruce up your yard? Well now is the perfect time to get crafty and and get your yard ready for spring!

Here are five easy projects to turn your gloomy yard into the perfect oasis your friends and family will enjoy all spring and summer long.

1.String Up The Stars


Let’s be honest… sitting outside staring up at the stars gives us all a warm cozy feeling. Create your own nighttime glow with outdoor string lights. Whether you are going for a romantic feel or want to create the perfect cozy ambiance for family time, hang up some string lights and get the party started.

All you’ll need are some string lights and you’ll set!

Here are some tips on hanging your lights. Not sure where to purchase your lights? We’ve rounded up some great choices, below.

Globe String Lights (here)

Edison Drop String Lights (here)

C7 Bulb String Lights (here)

LED Fairy String Lights (here)

2. Turn An Old Bicycle Into A Planter


Have an old bicycle that you no longer use? Use it to add some flair to your garden with a vintage bicycle planter! A bicycle planter will turn your old bicycle into a planter that also doubles as an elegant garden decoration.

All you need is some spray paint to give your bicycle a face lift and baskets to hold your plants. You can switch out your plants to keep your bicycle garden colorful, no matter the season!

Here are some tips for creating your bicycle planter .

What you’ll need:

Spray Paint (color of your choice)

Baskets to hold your plants

Sphagnum Moss or Decorative Spanish Moss

Potting Soil

Assorted Potting Plants

Garden Tools (You can find some great ones here.)

3. Make A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder


Who doesn’t want to enjoy the company of mother nature while you sit and relax in your backyard?

Invite mother nature into your company with this cute DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder. Its simple design will have all the birds flocking to your backyard!

Here are some tips for creating your bird feeder.

What you’ll need:

(1) 750ml Wine Bottle

(1) 1″ x 2″ – 8ft Pine Furring Strip

(1) 4″ x 6″ – 4ft Poplar Hobby Board

(1) 3″ x 5″ Stainless Steel Hose Clamp


Clamps (optional)

Wood Glue

Paint (color of your choice)

Table Saw AND Miter Saw or Mitter Box and Saw (or have the lovely folks at your local hardware store make the cuts for you!)


4. Make an Outdoor or Patio Grill Set Holder


It’s almost grilling season! Do you have a grill master who would love this super chic Outdoor Grill Set Holder? Then make this your next DIY project. This super simple Outdoor Grill Set Holder is the perfect addition to your yard or patio–it allows you to organize all of your grilling tools and have them handy at all times!

Here are  some tips for creating your Outdoor Grill Set Holder.

What you’ll need:

Wood (make sure you buy outdoor wood that is weather resistant)

Paint or Spray Paint (color of your choice)

Grillin’ & Chillin’ Stencil (here)

Aging Solution

3/4″ Screws



Spray Polyurethane

Grill Accessories Set (You can find some great ones here.)

5. Make the Ultimate Kids Corner


Getting the kiddos to play outside today is hard when smartphones and tablets are involved! Good news — we have the perfect DIY project that will have them begging to play outside. Build them the ultimate Kids’ Corner equipped with an Outdoor Chalkboard, Colorful Hopscotch Pavers, and even Lifesize Lawn Scrabble.

What you’ll need:

(2) 3′ x 5′ HardieBacker Boards – this will be the chalkboard (here)

(6) 1″ x 3″ x 8′ Boards – these will be used to build the frame (here)

(4) 5/16″ x 3″ Lag Bolts

(1) Quart of Chalkboard Paint

(1) Quart of Outdoor Paint (color of your choice)

(1) Tube of Liquid Nails (and a Caulk Gun)

(28) #7  1-1/4″ Phillips Flat-Head Wood Screws (here)

(2) Hooks – these will be used to hang buckets of chalk (here)

(2) Small Buckets

Sidewalk Chalk

We hope you’ll enjoy these five DIY projects that will help you create  your perfect backyard oasis! Do you have any other DIY backyard project ideas? We would love to see them!

Share them with us in the comments bellow, or even better–get crafty and tag us in your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post!