Looking for Ways to Hack Your Summer Backyard BBQ?

Here at Smiley360, we know that hosting BBQ’s is a great way to create long-lasting summer memories, so why add extra stress to your relaxing day with unnecessary work! We’ve come up with a list of five ways to hack your summer BBQ, making it the best one yet.

Cooler Science

  • Don’t you hate drinking lukewarm beverages at your BBQ? For a faster chill, try adding salt and a little bit of water to your ice filled cooler and enjoy a perfectly chilled beer in just minutes. 


Sweet, Sweet Smell of BBQ

  • To make sure your meats and vegetables maintain their flavor, add fresh herbs like Rosemary or Thyme, to the grill top. By grilling herbs, the meat and vegetables will stay flavorful all the way onto the plate.

Condiment Control

  • Hate cleaning up dirty condiment containers after a long day of grilling with friends? Use a lined muffin tin to organize all of their favorite BBQ toppings! Just add a spoon to each individualized tin and enjoy time with your friends and family!

Nice Ice

  • With the blistering summer heat, the last thing you want is a watered-down drink. Freeze your favorite small fruit in ice cube trays with some water to avoid watering it down, add some extra flavor, and become an adorable accessory to your favorite summer beverage!
    • Another option is to freeze a little bit of your favorite beverage in an ice tray. Add it to your glass when your drink is a little warm and enjoy more of your choice drink!

More S’mores Please!

  • If anyone attending your summer BBQ has a sweet tooth, grab some chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers to roast s’mores over the grill. Bored with plain old s’mores? Make it your own, by using candy and cookies of your choice!

With these five simple summer BBQ hacks, your guests will demand to know your secrets for the perfect summer BBQ!

Comment below with some of your favorite summer BBQ tips and tricks!

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