With every new Mission comes a new opportunity to learn all about new products! We want to hear what you’ve learned — so sound off in the comments. First, here’s what we’ve learned from current Missions.

Protein Can Be Delicious

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We all know that protein is essential, but how many of us knew it could also come in such a delicious form? Pure Protein Crunch makes snacking easy and fun by providing 10 grams of protein in bite-sized, crunchy crisps. They’re made with non-GMO ingredients and are gluten free – the perfect convenient snack for energy on the on-the-go!

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#BreakfastMoments Are For Sharing

We might not all sit down for breakfast as much as we’d like. But, with Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, it’s hard not to!

Sit down with your family for a delicious start to the day, and click HERE to get the scoop on your health from none other than Dr. Scoops II himself!

Warm Weather Calls For Tea Time

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It’s almost summer — which means it’s time for Snapple Straight Up Tea!  The delicious, all-natural taste of fresh-brewed black or green tea is just what you’ll need on these upcoming hot days. It’s also made from the best stuff on earth! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Learn more about Snapple Straight Up Tea on their website.

VitaMints Aren’t Just Minty Anymore

VitaMints are adult multivitamins packed with a refreshing mint flavor you can take with or without food or water. And now they’re in Wintergreen and Raspberry flavors! Yum! Vitamins don’t have to be bland anymore. And raspberry can have  a refreshing flavor. Say goodbye to the same ‘ol boring vitamins.

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Laundry Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

Who says you have to dread laundry day?

Fear no more, because OxiClean Preserve Laundry Detergent deep cleans every fiber of your clothes and lifts out even tough, dried-on stains the first time. Who ever thought you’d look forward to doing your laundry?

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What have you learned from your Missions lately?