Every time you’re on a Smiley Mission, you learn something new! That’s one of the greatest things about being a member: learning all about new products and how to  use them.

What have you learned lately? Keep reading to find out some of the things we’ve picked up recently.

You Can Get Rewarded For Searching  The Internet


Did you know that you could actually get rewarded for browsing the internet like you do normally? With Bing Rewards,  you have the chance to earn credits can be redeemed for popular gift cards, for sweepstakes entries for a chance to win great prizes or as a donation to your school for free Surface tablets. All just by searching with Bing!

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You Can Get That “New Car” Feeling Any Time

I’ve never seen my car this shiny! I’m impressed! @mysmiley360 #smiley360 #303autocare

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Who doesn’t love the feeling of a brand new ride? 303 Automotive Protectant keeps the surfaces of your car looking newer, and lasting longer. It leaves a dry, matte finish with no oily or greasy feel! With 303 Automotive Protectant, you can fool anyone into believing you just left the dealership.

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Laundry Detergent Doesn’t Have To Be Messy

How many times have you gone to wash your clothes only to feel more messy? Sometimes liquid detergent can make a sticky mess, and powders can  go everywhere! Not with all Powercore Pacs! With these pacs, liquid and powder come together in one laundry pac, which delivers an astonishing clean for every load.

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There’s More Than One Way To Eat Goldfish

Sure, we’ve all had the classic cheddar Goldfish, but now there’s a new way to eat them. Bold exciting flavorful snacks you can still feel good about giving your kids. Goldfish Mix is available in three delicious flavors: Xtra Cheddar + Pretzel, Honey Mustard + Pretzel, and Chocolate Mint + Pretzel. Have you and your kids tried them yet?

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Baking Soda Has More Uses Than You Thought

We know how important it is keep your house clean and fresh. That’s why for a detailed household cleaning, we always have your back—and your backyard—covered. With ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda, you can also clean and deodorize your fridge, microwave, lunch boxes, garbage cans, tile floors, drains, shower curtains, closets, pet bedding, stuffed animals, and much more!

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What have you learned from your Missions lately?