I dont’t know about you, but it seems like January flew by! We had so many great Missions last month, it’s hard to pick just five things we learned! But as always, here are the five things that January’s Missions taught us.

Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun

Getting the kids to brush their teeth has never been easier than with hello kids toothpaste! hello natural watermelon fluoride free toothpaste polishes, brightens and removes plaque without the use of artificial dyes, sweeteners, sls, or microbeads.

Finally! Getting the kids to brush can be fun and easy!

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Dry, Cracked Hands Are A Thing Of The Past

No one deserves to have painful, dry and cracked hands. That’s why O’Keeffe’s Working Hands is here to the rescue! 

This moisturizing balm will get your hands being back to the smoth beautiful state they once were in. No need to thank O’Keeffe’s — it’s what they do best!

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Kids Should Get Delicious Vitamins Too

Why should adults have all the fun? L’il Critters Gummy Vites make taking vitamins a breeze.

Kids love the delicious flavors, ad parents love the health benefits. It’s a win-win!

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Your Bedroom Routine Doesn’t Have To Be Boring


#TrojanLubricants #GotItFree #Smiley360 @mysmiley360 warming and not sticky!


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Spicing up your love life has never been easier. With two great Trojan Missions, we’re sure that your routine will take a turn for the better. 

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Training Your Dog Has Never Been Easier

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Training your pup doesn’t have to be a big mess anymore! With Hartz Dog Pads, you can get the little guys to be trained in the easiest (and cutest) way ever.

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What did you learn from your January Missions?