We know it — it’s summer, which means that there is so much to do! Between beach days, hikes and potlucks…there’s rarely time for anything else! Do you ever find yourself falling behind on your Missions during the summer? If so, here are some tips we put together to help you stay in the groove all summer long.

Plan It Out


We know life can get hectic – especially over summer! So instead of scrambling to complete your Missions…plan it out! Make an outline of when you plan to do your Mission tasks. That will make it so much easier than panicking right before the Mission ends!

Take Pictures First


Take pictures as soon as you get your kit. And share away!  We love to see pictures of you and your product and you enjoying using your product. You won’t have to worry about this down the line if you make sure to take great pictures right away.

Check Your Email


This is important! Checking your email will help to remind you how many points you need and when your Mission ends.

Share In The Morning


Share on your Missions in the morning before you get your day going. You can work towards your earning your Mission badge and have a whole day of fun too. Win-win!

Have Your Kids Help You


When the kids are home for summer break, you can do your Missions together! Smiley Missions are fun for the whole family and you can include them too!


How do you keep up with your Missions when you have a hectic schedule?