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We loved hearing fun and quirky facts about your pets. In fact, here at Smiley headquarters we now have a little paw-parazzi – your pets are just that awesome!

Here are some of our favorite facts you shared with us:

1. 6% of you have a pet bird. But, can everyone’s bird do this?

“My bird can whistle the Andy Griffith theme song ” Tiffany, C.


We picture him like this birdy, proudly whistling to his heart’s content!

2. 10% of you have created a social media account for your pet – we have some proud pet parents amongst us! How many of these accounts are as popular as these pair?

“Daisy and Buddy have over 5,000 Instagram followers.” Nicole, S.


3. Nearly everyone agreed with the statement ‘my pet makes me smile’. This playfulness would be guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face 🙂

“The dog and the cat chase the turtle and then the turtle slowly turns and chases them.” John, T.

Cat and TurtleImage via: Flickr

We think we know who won this round!

4. We’re big fans of unusual pets here at Smiley360 and this description really peaked our interest:

“The chameleon is an amazing animal, who is very social and loves to explore. When taken outside in the sun, she will change to a black color. Then inside she will range from a soft pink flesh color to very brilliant purples, greens, and reds.” Scott, E.

ChameleonImage via: flickr

Never a dull moment in this house – literally!

5. We all know that dogs are social animals. In fact, you nearly all agreed that pets make great friends. But this is a real tear-jerker *prepares for heart to melt*

“I had boy and girl pugs. They were adorable.  We lost them within months of each other, loved each other like a married couple.” Donna, H.

PugsImage via: flickr

6. More than half of you have a pet cat! But, did anyone else’s cat start out like this little one?

“Our kitten was born in a barn, and raised by a mama goat for 8 weeks.” Angela, H.


What other interesting quirk does your pet have that make him/her unique?