There are a ton of reasons to become a Smiley member! Some are obvious, and some are perks you may not have realized prior to joining.

Wondering why you should become a Smiley member? Read on to find out why you should definitely become a Smiley member ASAP!

Getting Free Products

This is a no brainer! There are so many reasons to become a Smiley member — and getting free products is definitely one of them. Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? It’s like getting a present delivered straight to your door. When you sign up, make sure you take the Introduction Mission that’s on your Dashboard. It gives you a chance to win a Smiley kit! 

Being A Part Of A Community Of Influencers

Who doesn’t love being a part of a community? At Smiley360 you are an influencer. How great is that? You have the power to influence your family and friends (and the odd stranger or two!) about products and let them know your opinion. Your opinion matters!

Having Your Voice Heard By Brands 

“Be heard, be happy.” That’s the Smiley mantra. However, you’re not only heard by friends, family and consumers. You’re heard by the brand itself! You have power and influence over the products you’re testing.

Finding Out About New Products

As a Smiley member, you have the chance to try new products and learn about brands you may never have heard of before. And you get to do that for FREE! You might fall in love with a product and become a loyal customer… or if you don’t like a product — you didn’t spend a thing! It’s a win-win.

Trying Before You Buy


I definitely see myself continuing use of these #EmergenCChews in my future routine! I liked the fruity flavor, but I wish they had other flavors and it really didn’t taste bad or leave an yucky after taste in your mouth, and the best part is the immuno-support benefits. These are a whole lot easier for me to tolerate than the powder drink mixes and more convenient. I could carry these in my purse, have some in the cupboard, wherever. They have a Super amount of Vitamin C plus B, and other vitamins and nutrients that are a great support for your immune system. They were easy to chew up, and swallow too. I also liked the container with it’s flip top lid. Very easy to use and will definitely be saving it for future use too! #gotitfree #freesample #smiley360 #EmergenC


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As a Smiley member, you have the opportunity to try products before you financially commit to them. So if you didn’t like something…no sweat! You’ll love being a member because it means no commitment if you didn’t enjoy your trial.

Taking Surveys


When you join Smiley, you can expect to see some surveys on your Dashboard. Make sure you take them! They help us tailor future Missions for our members based on what you enjoy. You let us know by taking these surveys!

What was something you got out of joining Smiley360?