Friday, May 2nd marked the first ever Smiley360 Mommy Advisory Board conference call. Nine board members from our Smiley community and four members of the Smiley team spoke for an hour about all things Smiley.

The goal of the Advisory Board is to gain more insight into how are members perceive Smiley and to help us in our constant quest to improve your experience. The board is made up of fifteen of our Level 5 members and top bloggers, and meets four times a year to discuss the state of Smiley.

1. Marketers are trying to understand moms but they haven’t quite got it. Yet.

We began the conversation with a statistic – A recent study reported that almost 75% of moms think that online marketers don’t understand what it’s like to be a mom. After much discussion, our board came to the conclusion that while marketers oftentimes do not have a clue, they are getting increasingly better. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

2. You use more than just Facebook and Twitter.

The rest of the conversation focused mostly on what can be done to improve the Smiley360 experience – from the missions to the website itself. The board members felt the first step in improving the website would be allowing members to share directly from the site, as opposed to the current set up where you are directed away to your social network.

On the topic of sharing – increasing the number of social media platforms in the sharing tools was something everyone agreed would enhance their Smiley experience. We know you’re all big Pinterest and Instagram fans and would benefit from being able to share to these sites and earn Smiles for doing so.

3. More of a product will lead to a better review.

Next we talked about what goes into your Smiley kits. As you can imagine, ‘more product!’ was a concern echoed by all of the board members. Specifically, our board members felt as though the amount of product received should be dependent on its usefulness. For example, the quantity of laundry detergent in a kit should not be equal to the amount of cold sore medicine.

4. All natural/healthy products are more than welcome.

Taking a step back from the contents of each kit, many of the board members were happy with the increasing number of missions involving all natural or healthy products, especially those geared toward children. Members are more willing to try out and share about these products if they know they are safe for the environment and their little ones. What types of products are you most likely to share about?

5. Coupons incentivize you to share.

In addition to the product, all of the board members were in agreement that physical coupons, as well as branded premium items, make their experience much more pleasant, which started an interesting conversation about incentives.

Many of the board members felt we need to do a better job of incentivizing them to share more on each mission. Some of the suggestions on how to achieve this were to include high-value coupons to hand out, extra product samples, sweepstakes and giveaways for both the members on the mission and their friends – think in the ClickThru links.  Do you feel as though we could do more to incentivize you to share on missions?

6. Video reviews are becoming increasingly popular.

Our conversation wrapped up with a discussion of video reviews. Video reviews have become more prevalent in our community and we wanted to know how we can help you with that process. The consensus seemed to be that oftentimes, one product does not warrant an entire video review. Member would however be open to recording a video that included multiple products. Instagram also arose as a popular medium for member videos as they are only 15 seconds long and can be recorded right from your phone. While we understand that some members are just shyer than others, we want to make the video submission process as easy as possible for those of you who enjoy getting in front of the camera.

Until next time!

These are just some of the many topics that were discussed in our first call. It was a great success and we learned some valuable insights from our board members! Do you agree with the points made? What topics would you like us to discuss next? Let us know in the comments – we love to hear from you!