Let’s face it: winter can be tough on the skin. Gone are the days of dewy moisturized skin of summer and as we brace for the cold, our skin usually suffers the most. But don’t worry! The winter months aren’t automatically a death sentence for beautiful skin. Here are some ways you can keep that healthy glow all year round.

Moisturizer Is Your Best Friend

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This should be a no brainer — an easy way to achieve moisturized skin is to always moisturize! In the morning, before bed and after cleansing. The cold wind will have a harder time penetrating your skin if you have a good hydrated barrier!

Wear Gloves

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You should wear gloves in the winter, but not only in the traditional sense. While covering your hands while you’re outside is good to keep them from chapping, putting some lotion on them and then covering them with gloves is a great way to lock in moisture! Do this while you sleep to wake up with touchable soft hands. You can even do the same for dry feet with socks!


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Exfoliating your skin makes it easier for moisturizer to do its job! Make sure you make your skin nice and smooth before you put on your moisturizer of choice so it absorbs the best it can.

Bundle Up

Image via pexels.com
Image via pexels.com

Stay bundled when you go out! This will protect your skin from the cold and harsh winds that hurt your skin.

No Long or Hot Showers

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Staying in a hot shower for too long is no good for the skin. It dries it out! Even though long luxurious hot showers feel so good, especially when it’s brutally cold out, try to avoid taking them — for your complexion!

Stay Hydrated

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Moisturized skin starts from within. Make sure you’re getting enough H20, even when you’re not sweating it all out like you do in summer. Your skin will thank you!

What do you do to maintain your skin in the winter? Leave your tips in the comments!