Go for a walk


A great way to spend time with you child is to head outside and go for a nice long walk! This will allow you to spend a good amount of time, not only talking to your child, but also getting some exercise. You could try taking turns playing iSpy, or set out on the walk with a nature scavenger hunt, list in-hand!


Bake or cook together


Just grab a chair for your child to stand on so they can see the counter-top and your little chef is ready to go! With a recipe and your supplies, you’re all set to bake or cook. You could measure the ingredients out and let your child pour them in and mix them into the bowl. Look into matching aprons or fun chef hats and you and your child could pretend to open a restaurant– right out of your kitchen!


Make a fun craft


Come home and surprise your child with a fun craft idea or kit. Any local toy or craft store will have a kit you can purchase, or you can make something with supplies you find around the house! One fun idea is to make boats out of supplies found in the kitchen. You can use sponges, tin foil, cups or anything else you can think of. You can even make sails out of paper and straws and stick legos on the boats to race them in the bathtub!

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Find a sport or game you can play together


Whether your child is an avid soccer star or a video game expert, try to express interest in their hobbies. You could find a great fishing hole and spend hours sitting, talking and fishing– maybe you’ll even catch dinner! Fishing not your thing? Try taking out a board game that you loved as a kid and teaching it to your child, then have them teach you their favorite game!


Run errands and do chores together


Life is busy, you don’t always have time to be playing games with your child– there are groceries to be bought, dry cleaning to be picked up, floors to be cleaned! Bring your child along and make them feel important too. If you’re at the grocery store, ask them to pick out a snack for school, or to get the apples and bread. If you are picking up dry cleaning, ask them to hand the cashier your ticket! When the floors need to be cleaned, ask them to spray the cleaner while you mop, or even better, throw on some mop slippers, turn on music and have a dance party while cleaning the floor!


Create rituals


Make sure if you plan on genuinely spending quality time with your child you stick to it. Set up a day of the week to always hang out, like family dinner every weeknight or head to the park on Thursday for a picnic. Then make sure you stick to it, you don’t wanna get your child’s hopes up if you can’t always follow through, so keep the plans realistic, practical and something you can both look forward to!


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