Leap years only occur once every four years, we we’re pretty lucky that 2016 gives us an extra day of February! Don’t let it go to waste — everyone can use more time. We should look at a Leap Day as a gift and act accordingly. Here are some ideas we’ve put together to help you have the best Leap Day ever!

Seize The Day 

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You only get this day once every four years, so do it up! Take a day off from work and live a little! What have you been meaning to do but never got around to? Leap Day is a perfect day to finally hit the ground running.


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What causes do you care about? Animal rights? Women’s rights? Homelessness? Go somewhere local and spend the day helping someone. What better way to spend a day than that?

Go On A Leap Day Date

Image via pexels
Image via pexels

How cute! A themed date! Take your significant other or bestie out on a Leap Day date. And it’s a Leap Day tradition for women to propose to men. Why not give that a try? 😉

Do Something You’re Passionate About 

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Everyone has passions. Take the extra day to work on something you love. Writing, painting, running…whatever it is; do it today!

Go On A Day Trip

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Day trips are fun for the whole family. And on a Leap Day year, you have an extra day to go on one!

Throw A Leap Day Party

Image via pexels
Image via pexels

Just like a Leap Day date is fun and festive, throwing a Leap Day party is fun too! It may not be traditional, but who needs an excuse to throw a party, right?

What are you planning to do this Leap Day?