We don’t all live in the lavish houses we see in movies or TV shows.  In fact, we’re highly addicted to shows that show us how to get the most out of life – Extreme Couponing, Til Debt Do Us Part, etc.  But just because we don’t have the extra thousand square feet in our homes, it doesn’t meat we can’t make the most of our space.

Here are few of our favorite tips.  It’s amazing how just a few changes can make such a huge difference  – literally.

1.  Get rid of what you don’t need.

Do you have eight pairs of scissors?  What about books that haven’t been touched in so long that they accumulated layers of dust?  It’s time to throw out and donate what you don’t need!

2.  Maximize a small space.

Need more living space in the living room? Free up some space by taking advantage of wall space.  You can hang or mount shelves to replace that bulky bookcase.   Got a huge media center?  Mounting your TV to the wall saves tons of space!

Need extra kitchen space?  You can hang your pots, pans and utensil from ceiling racks.  This gives you extra cabinet, drawer and counter space.  Or include some over-the-door racks in the cabinets and pantries.

Is your bedroom less than large?  You can use that space under the bed for more than collecting dust!  There are very nice and convenient under-the-bed boxes that save tons of space.  As for your closet, there’s so much more to it than the closet rod.  You can purchase hanging storage space to add extra space to keep your clothes.

3.  Use containers.

Containers are a great way to stay organized and keep clutter to a minimum.  Clear storage boxes are best because you can see the contents in case you’re searching for something.  And containers are stackable, allowing you to store many things without taking up too much space.

What’s your favorite space saver?