one-69528_640Everyone loves to get things for free. In fact: its one of the benefits of being a member of Smiley360! As time has gone on, some things we used to enjoy for free are now beginning to cost money. Don’t let the extra cost get you down! Here are 7 things that are no longer free, and how you can save the money that they cost.

1. Grocery Bags


Many grocery stores are beginning to charge money for the bags that you use to carry your purchases in. To save money, consider buying a reusable shopping bag. It’s a one time fee that helps you avoid other costs and help the environment!

2. Airline Services


A lot of airlines will now charge you for food, entertainment and many other features to enhance your flight. Try to avoid buying extra by packing your own snacks and entertainment forms, and maybe avoiding the extra luxuries that cost extra, such as extra leg room.

3. Television Channels


There are some local channels that are free, but many people today pay for extra television channels and quality-enhancing services. Just ask any Game of Thrones fan that has to pay for HBO! To save money, consider trying to negotiate with your cable provider or watching TV shows with an online service, like Netflix or Hulu.

4. Directory Assistance


Many people aren’t aware that calling 411 has a service fee now! To save the money, try using a phonebook or searching for the number you need on the internet.

5. Food Delivery

Teen Girl Orders Pizza

Paying to have your food delivered used to not be an added cost. With tip included, it seems that the price just keeps rising! Consider picking up food at a restaurant to avoid extra fees.

6. Parks


Believe it or not, you now have to pay to access a lot of National Parks and forests! To save money, try and find public parks with no fees involved or get a National Parks Pass that will help you save money.

7. Bank Services

Old_State_Bank_47150There are so many fees involved with some bank services these days. For some banks, you can opt out of programs to avoid fees. Make sure to always use your own bank in order to avoid fees associated with using another bank.

Can you think of anything else that used to be free? What do you do to save money? Let us know in the comments!