Whether you’re new to Instagram or you just never quite could get the hang of it, we feel your pain. Contrasting from other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where text posts still rule the land, Instagram is completely dominated by photos. So, if you’re having trouble with what to post or how to post, don’t worry! Follow these 7 tips and you’ll be an expert in no time.

 Make Sure The Lighting Is Right

Before posting anything, you need to take the perfect photo. One of the most common blunders of Instagram is posting a photo that is just not pleasing to the eye — most of the time, this is due to poor lighting. Make sure your picture is bright enough that your followers won’t have to squint to make out the details of your photo. Use the flash if needed!

 Shy Away From Posting Too Often

While multiple posts in one day is completely acceptable, it should be done very carefully and in moderation. Limit yourself to two or three posts in a day — you don’t want to be that person who posts 10 times in 10 minutes! That will have your followers pressing the “Unfollow” button real quick.

Image via Pexels

Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags help Instagramers categorize their photos as well as add a little flair to the caption. However, many Instagramers fall into two hashtag mistakes: using too many OR using them incorrectly. For example, if you were to post a picture of the New York City skyline, a proper hashtag would be #NYC. DO NOT use hashtags like #sky#line, or add a whole bunch of useless tags like this: #nyc #nycskyline #skyline #buildings #night #cool #love.  Keep them relevant and don’t overdo it!


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Get Creative; Don’t Be Cliche

Want to post an original photo? Get creative! Some of the most cliche Instagram photos include pictures of pets, greasy foods that look just TOO good to not post, what shoes you’re wearing for the day, etc. Don’t be one of these people! Rather than being like every other Instagramer, post fun and creative photos that will make your followers smile.

Don’t Share Something We Don’t Want To See

If you’re going back and forth on whether you should post a photo or not because it may be too edgy/gory/uncomfortable for some of your followers, here’s the answer: DON’T POST IT. Instagram is not the place to post to crude images that will take your followers off guard and possibly offend.

Image via Wikimedia

Know When To Post

In order to maximize the amount of people that will see your photo, know what times to post! Usually 5pm and 12pm are popular times for Instagram, so post around these times to get the most out of your photos!

Image via Flickr

Choose The Right Filter

Ahhhh the filter…Instagram’s most famous feature. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the perfect one, leaving you cycling through the filters aimlessly for minutes on end. Choose a filter that doesn’t make the photo too dark, accents the colors of the photo, and the one you like the best!


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What is your go-to Instagram filter?