Grocery shopping. Some of us love it, some of us loathe it. But when it comes down to it — we all have to do it! But there are ways to make it easier and not so hard on the wallet. Stay tuned for our tips on how to make grocery shopping just a little bit better!

Plan What You Want

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Go in prepared! Make sure you have a list and you know want to buy so you can efficiently shop. Keeping yourself in line will help you resist temptation and make smart decisions.

Set A Budget

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Make sure you set a budget for yourself so you don’t go overboard. Knowing you only have a certain amount to spent is a good way to avoid being shocked at the cash regster. Pro tip: bring a calculator with you or use the calculator app on your phone to know exactly how much you’re spending as you go.

Remove Things You Don’t Need

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Don’t be afraid to take things out of your cart! If you’re getting near the end of your trip and you realize you’ve gone over budget or you don’t really need something, take it out. No use in spending money on something that is unecessary.

Buy Things On Sale

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It may seem like a no brainer but even though the sale item may not always be the fanciest or in the most attractive label, it will save you some money! This tip especially works for smaller items that don’t add much flavor to your meals anyway.

Thaw Fish Yourself

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Buying frozen fish to thaw yourself is usually cheaper than buying “previously frozen” fish. If you have the time to thaw yourself, that will save you some precious dollars.

Frozen Veggies Are Your Friend

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Get frozen veggies in bulk! While fresh produce is delicious and good for you, (and you should buy it!) get yourself some frozen veggies that you can cook up in a stir-fry and will stay good for a while.

Don’t Go Shopping Hungry

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This is an easy one! Fill up before you go to the store so that you’re not tempted by a rumbling stomach.


Do you have any budget-friendly grocery shopping tips?