We’ve all been there…feeling so tired during the work day that you feel like you can’t even keep your eyes open! But, you don’t have to feel that way. There are easy steps you can take to get through the day without feeling run down. Read on to find out how!

Get Enough Sleep 

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This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s shocking how few people actually sleep enough! You need at least 8 hours to be functional and feel good, so why don’t we always do it?! It’s easy to get distracted in the digital age, but you just have to keep in mind how important being rested actually is to your work.

Eat Breakfast

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Eating a healthy, protien filled breakfast will help you stay energized and alert throughout the work day. It’s not called the most important meal of the day for nothing!


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Whether it’s the night before, or some stretches between meetings, make sure you get yourself up and moving to get those energy levels up — and keep them up.

Listen To Music

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Bring some headphones to work and listen to your favorite high energy songs. This will keep you awake and also jamming out to some tunes!

Eat A Healthy Lunch

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Eating a healthy lunch is just as important as making sure you have a balanced breakfast! Getting nutritional food in your system will make you feel much better than if you go for that greasy burger.

Take A Walk

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Image via pexels

Make sure you take breaks! Taking a walk outside will revitalize you after that afternoon slump.

Stay Hydrated

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Almost nothing can exhaust you as much as being dehydrated. Avoid this by making sure you always have water next to you throughout the day. This also helps you get around and move! Win-win!

How do you stay focused during the work day?