There are countless great reasons to join Smiley360! We didn't want to overwhelm you with a long list, so here's our top 8.

There are countless great reasons to join Smiley360! We didn’t want to overwhelm you with a long list, so here’s our top 8. Scroll down for an amazing testimonial by one of our members!

1. You might discover the brand of your dreams

Let’s face it: Sometimes we’re extremely loyal to certain brands because well, we’ve used them forever and it’s just a matter of feeling comfortable with what we’re used to buying. We think twice before trying something new because it might be a complete fail and a waste of money. Smiley360 gives you the opportunity to try different brands that you might not have ever bought on your own. A lot of our members have expressed they didn’t know what they were missing before being on a mission; and even more members have become loyal users of brands they never would have tried before!

2. Improve your ability to speak publicly

When you join the Smiley360 community you become a sharer and a talker. Supermarkets and gatherings become your favorite places to share about your latest mission. You don’t just give out coupons and samples, you share your story, listen for feedback and become the bearer of good news in any setting. After becoming a Smiley member this comes natural to you. No matter what your opinion about the brand is, you make sure your voice is heard.

3. Learn from other consumers just like you

Our community is full of members who want to try new products and are eager to share their opinions. Smiley members share tips and interests through our Twitter parties, Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest. We make sure to facilitate and encourage the interaction between members!

4. Become one of our top members

Completing your missions at Smiley360 pays off. The more you share, the higher the chances of getting on a new mission. Every member starts off with a trial mission, but many eventually end up with several missions at a time because of their dedication! The best part is, anyone can work towards becoming a top member.

5. The excitement of getting something for free in the mail

We’re all familiar with the excitement of seeing a package at your front door, now just imagine a package free of charge (yes, that includes shipping too!).

6. Be the trendsetter of your social circle

Your friends will follow your lead quicker than you can complete a mission!

7. Influence how big companies make their products

There’s no better way to improve their products than by sharing your opinions!

8. The opportunity to try products absolutely free

Last but certainly not least! What better reason than trying products absolutely free? Here at Smiley360 we work with brands to ensure our members receive premium kits. We send large quantities, full value coupons, and even extra materials for you to give away!

Don’t want to take our word for it? Read one of our favorite reviews below by Smiley360 member Leah from Florida:

Being a member of a website, such as Smiley360, has given me such an outstanding opportunity to meet and talk to so many wonderful people. When I first joined Smiley360, I had the attitude of feeling that I was doing the companies (which ever is hosting the mission) a favor. But now, with a few missions under my belt and a growing self confidence, I see that it’s me who is getting the benefit from the missions, not the other way around. I have been given an amazing opportunity in that I get to meet and chat with so many interesting people. To me, websites like Smiley360, where it seems like I get to try products for free in return, companies get honest reviews of its products and essentially a walking billboard. But it’s become apparent that Smiley360 is so much more than that. To me, it’s a lesson in life, it’s teaching people how to communicate with other people. That no matter how busy you are, or how bad of a day you’re having, you have the power to brighten someone else’s day, or slow down a strangers day just by introducing yourself. You already share something in common, you’re both in the same store department looking at the same products.

Why did you join Smiley360 and how has it impacted your life? Feel free to share below!