Yes, every Smiley member is a great one. But there are certain things you can do to go above and beyond at Smiley! What are those things, you ask? Let us tell you! Read on to find out what makes an amazing member of the Smiley Community.


Taking your Introduction Mission is an important part of being a member! This will help you learn the ropes of Smiley Missions and earn you points.



Make sure you complete your profile 100% by connecting all of your social networks. Connecting your social media is so important, because that’s how you share and complete Missions! So, make sure not to miss this step.



After you’ve connected all of your social media, make sure you follow us too! Following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram keeps you in the loop with all Smiley related content — and you could even see your own pictures being shared!


Don’t just post the same old boring pictures — get creative! Using a photo collage app or taking pictures of you using your product in exciting ways makes you more likely to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook.



We won’t know what to send you if your don’t take your surveys! This is a crucial step because it helps us to learn all about you and tailor what products you will love.


We’re always an email away if you need us! If you run into an issue, always contact and we’ll get back to  you in 24 hours or less.


Always share your honest opinion and thoughts on your Smiley Missions! Whether good or bad, we want to know your thoughts. So, even if you didn’t love a product — that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share.


Smiley Connect is a great way to get to know fellow Smiley members just like you. Share your thoughts and opinions, and see what fun comes next!


This is an easy way to keep up with all the great new Missions we have for you. Checking into your account regularly keeps you engaged and a great part of the Smiley community!


Have anything to add? What are your tips for being an amazing Smiley member?