Here at Smiley360, we love our community—which is why we set aside some time each month to recognize and appreciate the members who help make our community the amazing place it is.

This month, Camaro S. caught our attention with her great activity within the Smiley Community and her stellar sharing on Smiley Missions. So, we’ve decided to get to know her a little better!

Here’s what we’ve learned about Camaro:

Q: How long have you been a Smiley Member and what’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Smiley360 community?

A: I’ve been a Smiley Member for a little over a year and I’m loving it! My favorite part about being a Smiley Member is being able to try different products and feeling like I’m a part of something.

Q: What has been your favorite Smiley Mission ever and why?
A: Honestly, I have loved all of my Smiley Missions. I really enjoyed the recent LALA Smoothie Mission. Those smoothies were absolutely delicious! I also loved the ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Nasal Mist Mission because it has really helped with my allergies. I suffer from terrible allergies and can now say that ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline™ Nasal Mist is one of my go-to products.

Q: What is your favorite way to share on a Mission and why? 

A: My favorite way to share on a Mission is through Instagram and Facebook. I feel like these two platforms reach the most people and isn’t that is the whole point of the Smiley360 program: to get the products out there and recognized!?

Q: When you try different brand’s products, your opinion counts not only for other consumers but also for the brand. Why do you feel it’s important for brands to listen to their consumers?
A: It is really important for brands to listen to their consumers so they know what is working well and what isn’t.  This allows [the brand] to work out any issues with their product and guide their product in a better direction. I think it’s also beneficial for brands to hear positive feedback directly from their customers.


Q: What is your best tip for sharing quality posts when you’re on a Mission?                                                 A: My best advice for sharing a quality photo is to make sure you have great lighting. You should also stage the product in an interesting manner. You want your photo to look bright, vibrant and be eye-catching. I also try to use cleaver hashtags to make sure the most people see my post.

Q: What brands or products would you love to see on an upcoming Mission?
A: I would really like to see more makeup brands and products, or just beauty products in general. I think a skin care Mission would be great as well. I’m not picky though! I love all of them!

Q: We love getting to know our members better. Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
A: I am a DIY enthusiast with an eye to see any possible transformation in almost every piece of “junk” I come across. Your trash is my treasure!!!

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