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50/50 Is Half Drama, Half Comedy


Here’s a risky idea: a movie about cancer that isn’t totally depressing the entire way through? 50/50 stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam, a cancer-stricken twenty-something and his best friend Kyle, played with his usual raunchy-but-funny shtick by Seth Rogen.

Traits of an entrepreneur.

92 Comments sheds light on the most important traits that a successful entrepreneur possesses. With start-ups becoming more attractive to job […]

Bring Oktoberfest To Your City This Month!


Oktoberfest has been a German tradition for over 200 years, and has become a fall staple covering the months of September and October. The festival, which began in Munich in 1810, currently holds the distinction of being the largest in the world.

Will You Get the iPhone 4S?


After a year’s worth of rumors and speculation, Apple has finally announced its next big product at the “Let’s Talk iPhone” unveiling in Cupertino yesterday, and new CEO Tim Cook’s first major launch was met with mixed reactions.

Why brand websites are still relevant.

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In a world where social media is almost a necessity for any brand or company to be considered “relevant,” an article on gives 5 reasons why websites still matter. While Facebook, Twitter and good ole “word-of-mouth” are great outlets for brand awareness, reports have shown that company websites still reign in popularity amongst consumers.

Explore Your City With Foursquare


Smartphones are used for everything these days, whether it’s tweeting, getting directions, or solving heated arguments between friends over whether that actor was in that one movie or not. One app that’s really on the rise, however, is the check-in service – particularly the location-based social networking platform foursquare.

Check Out These 3 New Fall TV Shows


The end of this month is slated to be a very fruitful one when it comes to new TV shows. Now that I’ve spent all summer catching up on more shows than a normal human being should ever watch, I’m thinking about giving these three new dramas a chance in my nightly lineup – and you should too.

From Napster to Spotify: 10+ Years of Digital Music


Back in 1999, getting music was as easy as hopping onto Napster and downloading your favorite songs in seconds. Today, well… it’s still that easy. But it’s been a bumpy ride.