Tameka is a Community Manager at Smile.ly. While she's not daydreaming about it being 80 degrees everyday in New York, she's writing lots of poetry, watching comedies, eating too much Thai food and awaiting tennis season.

Teacher’s Corner


By Tameka Vasquez By now, I am sure you have started to hear the word‚ August‚ with greater frequency.  This […]

The First Mother’s Day gift


Mother’s Day falls on May 8th this year. Some women have been enjoying this day for many years and it never gets old. But just like all of life’s firsts, one’s first Mother’s Day is particularly special. It becomes a day to celebrate the step into motherhood. Motherhood being a full time job, which comes with no employee handbook enclosed with a description of duties.

Smart Snacking

Your body needs good food a few times a day. It is your fuel, whether you have a fun or […]

The Valentine’s Day Do’s and Dont’s


February comes around and department stores and online stores paint the town red and white. Everyone goes into a frenzy, pressured to not only do something for their significant others, no matter how new or old the relationship, but also to outdo the previous year or previous relationship.

Must Have Phone Apps

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Too many of us are increasingly obsessed with our Smartphones. No need to seek help, applications are therapy in many ways. They’ve relieved the stress of having to be near a computer to do anything. And whether you’re a city dweller or suburbian, it’s great to not have to waste time when you’re on the go and just having resources literally in the palm of your hands. And above all, it’s just plain cool.