Along with new shoes, new clothes, and endless lists of brand new school supplies, the final factor usually put to the wayside in back to school preparation is what’s inside the lunchbox!

In the rush to get everything ready, it’s always best to have a few go-to snacks and lunch ideas that are quick and easy.

When good ol’ PB&J gets well, old, try something new and exciting for lunch without spending too much.  Who doesn’t love pizza? And yet who actually has the time to make an entire homemade pie or go buy a pie? I can’t name anyone with that time so try these kid-sized pizzas for lunch.

  • Take a biscuit/English muffin bagel, or whatever else you fancy
  • Cut the biscuit/English muffin/bagel in half, face up
  • Spoon store bought or homemade tomato sauce (as much or as little as your prefer)
  • Sprinkle mozzarella cheese and any herbs (basil, oregano, etc.) over the top
  • Add pepperoni, mushrooms, sausages, veggies or any other pizza toppings your kids enjoy
  • Pop them into the microwave for 1:00, or until the cheese is melted

A perfect, homemade alternative, to pizza for lunch at school!

For snack time at school a few good snacks to have on tap …

  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • Carrots and dip
  • Pretzels and hummus
  • Flavored mini-rice cakes

Getting creative can be quick and easy and always makes a long school day not so bad when there’s something fun to find in your lunchbox!