Here at Smiley360, we’re always on-the-go. But thanks to Instagram, we have a fun and easy way to check out how you’re enjoying your Missions–all on our smartphones!

From videos of you opening your Smiley Kit, to creative photographs with fun filters, or Boomerangs featuring your new product–we just can’t get enough of our Instagram feeds!

Instagram offers plenty of filters and editing tools that can instantly beautify your Mission photos. And that’s not all–with the ability to add as many hashtags as you’d like, you can easily grab the attention of your Instagram followers, brands, and us here at Smiley360.

When using Instagram to share about your Mission, there are a few dos, and a few don’ts! Want to stick to the dos and avoid the don’ts? We’ve got you covered!

So, what makes an Instagram great? Let’s take a peek at an awesome Instagram post!

Our first thoughts when we see this post? “One word–adorable!”

Our next thoughts: “Not only are they cute, but those gummy vitamins look pretty tasty. We might just try these out ourselves with this coupon!”

Our final thoughts: “We wish we could be that creative and post fun videos like this!”

Great news… we all can! Thanks to our handy smartphones, it’s easier than ever to shoot short videos during a Mission. To create a video like this, just record your content, then pop the video into a free editing tool–we used Videoshop.

With this tool, you can add music, speed up or slow down the video, and edit its length. Then, just upload your video to Instagram, and be sure to add a caption that states you received a free product, includes your opinion, and includes a link that your followers can click to learn more about your Mission product!

Then, just insert a link to your post in our Instagram Sharing Tool. We’ll be sure to regram your most creative posts to show off your skills to the Smiley community!

Now let’s take a look at Betty’s* Instagram post, which could use some help!
*Note: Betty is a fictional Smiley360 member

“#gettinclean with oxiclean”

Our first reaction when seeing this post: “Looks like Betty got a bag of something… we think that says OxiClean?”

Next thoughts: “Why is this photo so dark?! We can barely even see it! We hope she isn’t having a power outage!”

Finally: “Gosh Betty… is this just a really terrible photo, or are our screens broken?! And why did she post a photo of OxiClean anyway? Is she just really excited about the new detergent she just bought?”

So what is it about this post that’s lacking quality?

  • It’s difficult to understand what the product is, and why Betty is posting about it
  • The angle of this photo makes it difficult to understand what the product is. If the photo were taken from a different angle (like an aerial view!) we’d have a better understanding of what the product is
  • Betty doesn’t mention that this product was received for free from Smiley360, doesn’t include the Mission hashtag, and forgets to share the Mission link!

Don’t disappoint your Instagram fans with poor quality posts!

To share quality content, it’s as simple as snapping a photo or shooting a short Boomerang/video, including key information, and most importantly–getting creative!

Ready to show us what you’ve got? Be sure to connect your social media accounts to your Smiley profile for the chance to score more Missions–we’ve got plenty of exciting offers lined up!

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