Big Brands & You: Share the Love

Edited by Angelica on 8/31/18

We’ve covered almost every aspect of Smiley360 in the past seven weeks, and now we’ve reached the end of the road.

In this final edition of the Smiley360 Membership Guide, we’re going to talk more about why Smiley exists.

First, here’s our story…

Be Heard. Be Happy.

Smiley360 launched in December 2009 with one purpose. We wanted there to be more communication between consumers and the brands that they buy. As consumers, wouldn’t it be great to get first access to new products and experiences, and to actually tell the brands what we think? And even better, wouldn’t it be great to know that they are actually listening?

That’s what we hope to achieve with Smiley360—to give regular people the chance to try new things and share their opinions with the world. Think of us as your link to the brands you consume every day. This is marketing for the modern world, and we all have a voice!

The Power of Your Review


Reviews are everywhere in today’s online world and they have a powerful influence on the market. Your reviews have a big impact on:

  1. the consumers who are considering making a purchase, so they can make informed decisions on whether it is the right brand for their needs
  2. the brands that make the products or provide the experiences, so they can learn if consumers like it and if there are ways to make it better

That’s why Smiley members write quality reviews. Whether you like something or not, always share your honest experience in a way that is helpful to both the consumer and the brand.

Friendship Goes a Long Way

Consider this:

92% of people trust a friend’s recommendation over any other form of advertising – Nielsen

FriendsThis means that more than billboards, TV spots, magazine ads and everything else you’re exposed to throughout your day, a positive recommendation from a trusted friend will be the biggest influence in what brands you buy.

At Smiley360, we give you power to recommend the brands you like. We often include extra samples and coupons in your Smiley kit for you to share with friends face-to-face, and our Sharing Tools let you easily share with friends online.

That’s a Wrap!

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and shared our Smiley Membership Guide blog posts. We’re making Smiley better for you!

Be sure to head to your Dashboard and complete the Smiley Membership Guide Mission and Quiz to win exclusive Smiley Prizes.

We love your comments! Share your thoughts below.

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Big Brands & You: Share The Love

83 thoughts on “Big Brands & You: Share the Love

  1. Great story. I for one am happy Smiley360 started and look forward to it continuing on for many years. Thank you Donal and others

  2. Thanks Smiley 360 for being their for us! We all count on you and you are such a wonderful resource. Looking forward to see what you bring us down the road!

  3. Sounds like SMILEY360 will be better down the road, doing wonderful things in the future – I have learned so much, and look forward learning even more. You are like a best friend to me.

  4. I look forward to a bigger and better smiley 360. I love it and I think it’s one of the best word of mouth site’s ever…Thank you.

  5. Smiley360 missions are a great way for brands to get their products out there, and receive feedback. Great word of mouth program!

  6. I really enjoy receiving products to review, I love how my opinion counts and that companies listen. Thank you smiley360 for valuing my opinion.

  7. I have only gotten two, no complaints,  but it always says failed to share on fb. Yet it shares an dont get credit for it. So I have gotten fails on both. I put work in an spread word n yet fail, I do not like that makes me look I do not try

  8. Thanks for all the tips, emails & missions I have gotten so far to participate in through Smiley360!! I have only 1 friend that has joined & trying my hardest to get others to join! I have completed 1 successful mission & currently on 1 & awaiting for the next mission to arrive in a few weeks! I am glad that this site exists & let the public put in their input on these amazing products!

  9. Smiley360 MonroeLuizHilton I am experiencing the same thing, I share aways on my fb, it says unsuccessful but when I go to my homepage it shows the post. I get the smiles from friends but any other credit I don’t get either.

  10. …I really am thankful for this site that allows Me to try products for free in exchange for my thoughts on the product. Although, I have put my review on Facebook and did not get credit. I closed my last day of mission with comment and didnt receive credit either. Also, I have not received not one full COMPLETE MISSION. I give word of mouth as well and have had family members purchase. There is no way to get credit for word of mouth as well. Love the concept …however, need a way to be able to get MISSION COMPLETE for all your efforts seen or unseen.

  11. I love having the opportunity to try out samples for free and give my feedback knowing that it makes a difference. Thank you for all you do @smiley360

  12. Love trying new products telling my friends and family on the phone, in person even at the grocery store love being heard.

  13. Fvouglitois love and trying new products and share mu experience and skin/make up with my friends and followers. I am honest and they trust my opinion. On disability battling a rare blood cancer I get to do something I love try new products and share them 🙂

  14. @Survivorflower I’m disabled as well but love trying products and giving honest option and these products help me alone the way as well I will alway share the word with family and friends .I sat at home all the time now since I have joined @Smiley360 it has giving me confidence to get out talking to my friends as well as my family

  15. hi is anyone else having trouble finding the clipboard in the new sharing tools. I may be really dumb but I have no idea where it is so I can share a link. Thanks for any help.

  16. so…..this post reads as if you are closing your doors…is this true? Plus when I signed in it had a lighter offer but when I completed a survey abt how I share info on social sites I went back it was gone…weird…

  17. I have no issues with posting reviews on retailer websites; however, it’s difficult to “make” a retailer post your review, as I’m experiencing at present with the K-Y products I received through Smiley360.  My reviews have been stuck in moderation for nearly 3 weeks or more now.  

    So, how can we get points for a review that never publishes?

    I love sampling and giving my feedback through Smiley360 – no one makes it easier than Smiley360; however, I feel as though I’m not able to fully contribute when a retailer doesn’t publish a review I’ve spent my time writing.  I don’t use profanity; I am clear about my opinion and I mention that I received the product for free, but that my opinions are based upon my own experience with the product.

    I have written the Smiley360 “help” email and I keep getting what I consider to be “canned” responses that don’t fully answer my question.

  18. I new to smiley 360 but so far I love it. I too am on a fixed income and some of the things they send are a blessing to me at the time. I have no problem posting my opinion on products also. But I’ve only received on sample thus far children’s cough/cold medicine

  19. I’m so excited I came across the website. I’ve been looking for full size products for free for a long time. Thanks to Smiley 360 I get a chance to receive these samples, as well as tell others who arent aware of the site or a product all about them. I can’t wait to receive my first product and write my first review. I’m ecstatic!

  20. I know how to participate in all of the Smiley U0001f604 360 missions but I don’t yet have a blog. Someone is working on a webpage for me right now. When I get involved, I like to do it right. I can be VERY creative, depending on the product. I’d like the opportunity to show you my creativeness. I think you would be impressed. I am on a fixed income because of disability but can meet the requirements of any Smiley U0001f604 360 mission. Hopefully I’ll see you in many missions in the future. Bottom picture is 2014. Hopefully I will have it full in 2015.

  21. This is awesome information!  I just joined and was selected for the Children’s Mucinex mission.  It was really fun (not the kids being sick part, though!) and I look forward to participating in future missions!

  22. Since last night I have been completing every mission and quickhit possible. I check my email earlier every 5 minutes looking for a new mission. With quick hits, I’m sharing but a mission would be a definite way to “share the love. ” My friends and family are sitting around waiting to see what I come up with next. They get a kick watching or hearing me work on a mission. They say I need something new because they’re tired of calling me the “Zepster. “

  23. I have been a member of Smiley360 for awhile now but I have to be honest and say that after completing one mission on a product I haven’t heard anything from smiley360. Life got in the way and before I knew it too much time has gone by and I haven’t been able to do any more missions. Well, somehow I got back involved with smiley 360 and I’m now waiting for my EMERGEN-C® VITAMIN DRINK MIX to arrive in the mail so I can try it and share my review of it with everyone. I’m excited to get going on this mission and then on to the next mission. I can’t wait to get fully immersed into smiley 360 and get to know more people along the way. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a talker and that is usually a good thing when you want to get the word out about something you love. I love to share my thoughts on things and I’m sure I will be a great asset to smiley 360. Well that’s all I have to share for now. Send me on more missions and give me the opportunity to share the news with as many people as I can.

  24. i have been a member for a few yrs. i have done a few reviews. i still have some difficulty with some of the reviews. i had problems w/ things not posting on facebook or twitter, even though i was connected. i am currently doing a review for the Seeds of Change products. i did receive some free coupons for the product but i have bought the product in the past so this was just a bonus. i like the rice products and they are easy to use.

  25. i do find that many of the things offered are not relevant to me, i am single and have no kids. only 3 dogs. so i get a little confused why i am sent offers that dont even relate to me.

  26. I feel the same way. I love learning about new products and I love trying to figure a creative way to put my mission together, like my Smiley

  27. I receive the Arm and Hammer total radiance get free from smile 360 and I must say after 5 days mighty are getting writer I noticed right away after 3 days my mouth feels extremely fresh and very clean I love the toothbrush I can feel the brussels being able to rotate as I brush my teeth I think the design was ingenius to not be an electric toothbrush yet still get the same result and wow the mouthwash is a nominal not only that whole block games also means my mouth extremely fresh long period Of time by far thank u smile 360 I will be a new customer of armand hammer truly radiant products from here out

  28. Wow! What an amazing introduction, to possibly a great experience to come. I look forward to trying sample, making videos and sharing my experiences. Thanks in advance!

  29. Thank you for sharing these Smiley Membership Guide blog posts. It’s been a real pleasure going through all of them. May you continue to make Smiley360 great as the years go by!

  30. I still have not figured this site out. What are the points for? How do you upload reviews to the site? Do you get discounts on products to purchase to review?

  31. Does anyone know on the Retail Review sharing it names like 4 places to post review. Does a new review have to be done each time or can you use the same review ?

  32. I as well, I just went through all of it so hopefully it will be easier now. They give us alot of information and extra help. I love Smiley360U0001f603

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