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We’ve covered almost every aspect of Smiley360 in the past seven weeks, and now we’ve reached the end of the road.

In this final edition of the Smiley360 Membership Guide, we’re going to talk more about why Smiley exists.

First, here’s our story…

Be Heard. Be Happy.

Smiley360 launched in December 2009 with one purpose. We wanted there to be more communication between consumers and the brands that they buy. As consumers, wouldn’t it be great to get first access to new products and experiences, and to actually tell the brands what we think? And even better, wouldn’t it be great to know that they are actually listening?

That’s what we hope to achieve with Smiley360—to give regular people the chance to try new things and share their opinions with the world. Think of us as your link to the brands you consume every day. This is marketing for the modern world, and we all have a voice!

The Power of Your Review


Reviews are everywhere in today’s online world and they have a powerful influence on the market. Your reviews have a big impact on:

  1. the consumers who are considering making a purchase, so they can make informed decisions on whether it is the right brand for their needs
  2. the brands that make the products or provide the experiences, so they can learn if consumers like it and if there are ways to make it better

That’s why Smiley members write quality reviews. Whether you like something or not, always share your honest experience in a way that is helpful to both the consumer and the brand.

Friendship Goes a Long Way

Consider this:

92% of people trust a friend’s recommendation over any other form of advertising – Nielsen

FriendsThis means that more than billboards, TV spots, magazine ads and everything else you’re exposed to throughout your day, a positive recommendation from a trusted friend will be the biggest influence in what brands you buy.

At Smiley360, we give you power to recommend the brands you like. We often include extra samples and coupons in your Smiley kit for you to share with friends face-to-face, and our Sharing Tools let you easily share with friends online.

That’s a Wrap!

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and shared our Smiley Membership Guide blog posts. We’re making Smiley better for you!

Be sure to head to your Dashboard and complete the Smiley Membership Guide Mission and Quiz to win exclusive Smiley Prizes.

We love your comments! Share your thoughts below.

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