No longer just an outlet for sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions on subjects people care about, blogs have become an open platform for people seeking jobs. As a job seeker, blogs can be used to reach potential recruiters, creating an awareness of what you have to offer as an employee. In an age where the internet has almost become a necessity, it’s no surprise that recruiters are Googling for potential employees. Utilizing the power of blogging would most definitely elevate your job profile and showcase your internet skills and understanding of the world wide web. While there is no guarantee of a job offer in result of your blog, you still gain this important skill that could give you leverage in your search . shared a few tips in a recent article on how to drive potential employers to your blog, or “online resume:”
1. Set up your LinkedIn profile – sign up for a LinkedIn profile & connect with people who share your interests and professional backgrounds
2. Blog about your core interests – keep your blog focused and updated with specific topics that reflect both your knowledge and interests
3. Blog regularly – this will show that you don’t lose interest and give up easily
4. Engage – keep in contact with those who comment on blog posts/tweet you/link you as they are your core audience and doing you a favor in sharing your blog for more to see, starting a conversation and maintaining relationships with your readers/peers is key

(for a more detailed list, please reference to original source: – How to use blogging as a job search tool)

As a recent college graduate, I must say that having an active blog where I was able to showcase my writing ability and other skills/talents, boosted my resume. Just making yourself present on the web (aside from Facebook or Twitter), really gives you the opportunity to be seen by recruiters and potential employers. Having a blog allows one to promote their resume in an online format; while this shouldn’t totally eliminate having a formal resume, a blog of your own is a great addition to have.

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