For beard enthusiasts everywhere, having a well kept and well groomed beard is a major priority. With the Just For Men(R) National Beard and Mustache Competition on September 6th and 7th hastily approaching, it is vital to make sure your beard is in prime condition. When it comes to facial hair, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re sporting the classic Burt Reynolds or the burly James Harden, there’s no denying the special connection between a man and his beard.

In the celebrity circuit, facial hair has never gone out of style. While it may not work for all celebrities, the ones who pull it off have made a living off of their iconic look. Here are a few examples of some celebrities and their famous fuzz:

George Clooney:

Style: Classic Beard

It doesn’t get more classic than the Clooney look. It would only make sense that one of the classiest men in Hollywood would have such a dapper looking beard. To acquire this look, simply grow your beard to the desired length and maintain it with a beard trimmer. Be sure to the keep the beard line crisp and sharp by shaving the neck and cheek area daily.

Bradley Cooper:

Style: 5 O’Clock Shadow

From the block-buster comedy, The Hangover, to the critically acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper is known for his iconic scruff. This look is fairly easy to achieve. Just put your trimmer on the shortest (or desired) length, and trim daily. If your hair doesn’t grow in as thick as Cooper’s, try experimenting with length to make up for consistency.

James Franco:

Style: The ‘Stache

James Franco has had a variety of different facial hair styles through out the years. While they vary slightly, they all contain the same essential aspect: the ‘stache. Aside from shaving the neck and face everyday, what separates this mustache from the rest is the gap in the middle of the upper lip. Using a razor, carefully shave this area by stretching the lip, making sure to keep the rest of the mustache intact. Be sure to maintain the ‘stache with a pair of clippers to keep it from getting out of hand. If you truly wish to have the authentic Franco look, don’t forget to leave a little stubble on your chin.




Growing facial hair is all about dedication and commitment. Don’t let giggles, critics or greying facial hair prevent you from becoming a Champion of Facial Hair. If you think you and your facial hair could use some rejuvenation, see if you qualify for the Just For Men(R) Mustache and Beard mission at Smiley360. So bust out those clippers and get trimmin’!