Summer is just around the corner, and before you know it you’ll have your kids to yourself a lot more than usual! While this may sound like a good thing, your kids are going to want something to do while they’re out of school. Never fear moms and dads! We’re here to help you out with some budget-friendly suggestions.

Water Painting

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So easy! Trust us, your kids will love this one. On a hot summer day, what could be more simple and fun for your little one than painting the sidewalk? Plus no mess or cleanup! All you’ll need for this activity is some water and a paintbrush.

DIY Bubbles

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All you’ll need for this one is some pipe cleaners, 5 cups of water, 2 cups of dish soap and 1 cup of corn syrup. You mix this together and put it in a covered container. Then, you can use the pipe cleaners to make any shape you want. And voila! Blow the mixture through and you have perfect little DIY bubbles.

Construction Activity Tray

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Fill a tray with lentils, and put small toys inside and give your child a spoon so that they can put their motor skills to use. They’ll spend hours working on “their” little construction site!

DIY Herb Garden

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Fun for both parents and kids! Got an old tin can lying around? Great! You can use that as the new home for your little herb garden. Find out how to put this one together with step by step instructions here.

There you have it! What are you planning to do with your kids this summer? Or what are some of your favorite activities you’ve tried in the past?