Remember America’s Funniest Home Videos? Featuring a much more family-friendly version of host Bob Saget than we’ve seen in recent years, the show displayed goofy home movies of people tripping over stuff, getting hit in the head with stuff, and other slapstick humor. While AFV is still on the air with host Tom Bergeron, our generation has turned to YouTube to get its fix on laughing at the misfortunes of others. And interestingly, Comedy Central’s half-hour series Tosh.0 has found success in taking that content and putting it back on your television set as it was in the days of Bob Saget.

Tosh.OAs such, Tosh.0 is essentially AFV with a more youthful, and edgier approach. Hosted by the sarcastic, wry comedian Daniel Tosh, the show displays online viral videos in a constant stream while Tosh provides a unique brand of witty commentary that hits way harder than Bergeron’s corny one-liners. When it comes to the video’s subjects, Tosh is definitely crueler and racier with his jokes, which makes sense when you realize he is a standup comic while Bergeron is a game show host.

The most distinguishing aspect of Tosh.0 is the “Web Redemption,” a segment in which the stars of popular viral videos – from the Double Rainbow guy to the I Like Turtles kid – are featured as guests on the show. Tosh then provides them with the opportunity to “redeem” themselves by participating in sketches that recreate the videos that got them famous in the first place. Web Redemptions essentially involve Tosh poking fun at viral video stars to add to whatever embarrassment they already suffered in their videos, but does so in a fun and lighthearted manner.

Recently, viral sensation Antoine Dodson appeared on the season three premiere. It was not a disappointment, (though Antoine seems to bask in the glory of his fame a bit too much) and I’m eager to see who else is going to show up and make the grand leap from YouTube to television. New episodes of Tosh.0 air Tuesdays on Comedy Central at 10pm.