One of the daily rituals that we have in our home is a sit down dinner. It was something that my family always did when I was a child, and was a way for us to connect as a family while spending quality time with one another. Now that my kids are back in school, I think this time is even more important since this may be the only moment that we all get together to eat, visit, and reflect on our day.

I like this meal to be more focused on family and enjoying the food, but that does not always happen. There have been times where the meal has just dragged on and on due to negotiations trying to get the kids to eat their food.

In order to help make this evening event more relaxing and productive, I have tried different ways to encourage my kids to eat their dinner in a timely manner. Since these ideas have been successful, I have put together a list in a form of Creative Ways To Get Kids to Eat At Dinnertime!

1. The Weekly Meal Plan

Each week we brainstorm as a family on dinner ideas, this way I ask my children what they want to eat. Since they came up with the menu, they are picking things that they like. To see how we create our list visit The Weekly Dinner List.

2. Disguise the Meal

I like to hide the good stuff in my recipes by combining a meat, rice or noodles, and a vegetable. If it is all mixed together and tastes similar, my kids seem to be more opt to eating the entire meal. Check out the following recipe idea for inspiration: Sausage, Asparagus, and Yellow Rice.

3. If They Grow It, They Will Eat It!

We try to start a garden each year to teach the kids about where vegetables come from. My son gets so excited when we actually eat what we have grown. If you can’t grow it, consider taking your children to a U-pick farm. My guys just can get enough of those vegetables when they are fresh. Check out our past trip to a U-Pick Strawberry Picking at Eden Farms.

4. Salad Bar Night

Speaking of veggies, my kids get really excited when they make their own salad. They will eat what they put on their plates. I make sure to keep their favorite dressings available as well. Check out one of our recent Salad Bar Nights here, Kids Size Salad Bar.

For additional ideas visit 6 Helpful Tips To Getting Kids To Eat At Dinnertime!


Carlee is a wife and mother of 3 and author of She is a Florida Native and Graduate of the University of South Florida. She loves to create easy recipes, find fun crafts and activities for her kids, and share frugal living ideas on her blog.