Here at the Smiley360 I have been dubbed the “snacking connoisseur,” because I tend to get excited over and have an endless knowledge of snacks and goodies. I’ve decided to regularly spread my foodie wealth with you guys, and hopefully pick up some of your ideas to add to my rolodex of recipes.

Considering the heat-wave we’re experiencing over here on the East coast, I’ve been raiding my freezer for anything cool to snack on. As of late, my favorite little snack has become chocolate pudding, with fresh (or frozen) berries- such as strawberries, blue berries and black berries, mixed in and frozen! It’s just like a chocolate mousse, but with fresh berries! (which are a great source of fiber).

I like to make this and put it into 4 plastic cups so that I always have one ready. For kids- instead of fruits you can always add little candies for a sweet treat, put it in plastic cups with popsicle sticks and there’s a nice homemade popsicle for them to enjoy. What’s your favorite pudding-type of snack?

Try it out, let me know what you think or even post a picture of yours on our Tumblr at! 🙂