When it comes to snacking, I’m a child at heart. I love anything edible that brings me back to being 8 years-old again.    Across the board, I can snack on any trail mix, or similar type of mix without fail. So sometimes, when I crave a snack that offers multiple flavors in one handful, yet savory, I turn to my favorite cheesy mix.

I like to take goldfish, any flavor (my preference is cheddar or flavor-blasted cheddar), Cheese-Its (reduced fat cheddar), pretzels, sesame sticks, maybe some Cheetos or Cheese Puffs, Chex cereal (or any type of unsweetened wheat/grain cereal… DRY, hehe).

Very similar to Cheddar Chex mix, but it’s all about making it your own flavor, it’s half the fun. Get the kids to help and create your own signature snack mix! Let me know how you like it, what else did you add, or even share a picture enjoying yours on the Smiley tumblr at smiley160.tumblr.com  🙂 Enjoy!