It seems like there’s an entrepreneurial spirit in the air. Everyday people are on the lookout for their next big idea, hoping to eventually strike gold and never have to work for someone else again. There are many reasons why some businesses take off while others fail. Of course when sharing your ideas with friends and family, everyone will say “go for it!”. But then fear sets in or you get distracted and your plan becomes another post-it on the refrigerator. If everyone did that, we’d have nothing in the world. So what sets apart the thinkers from the doers?

Naturally, it begins with having knowledge about the blueprint of starting your own business: writing a business plan, getting funds, accounting, advertising, knowing the business laws and doing market research. The idea of being your own boss and the prospect of making money is attractive to everyone but only some can explore themselves in the midst of their ideas to see if they can go the extra mile in an independent business venture.

  • Vision
  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Adaptability
  • Leadership Skills
  • Networking Savvy
  • Motivation
  • A competitive spirit

This skill set is what dissects the masses of thinkers and allows entrepreneurs to rise. Not everyone is born with it. It takes time and experience. Taking advantage of the little moments in your life that can provide opportunities to demonstrate these skills is what the daily goal should be for budding entrepreneurs. Lastly, fear cannot be an excuse. Even the most brilliant of people have doubted themselves at one point. But they chose to not be afraid to, as your family and friends would say, go for it.