Feel good with these easy workout routines that are sure to keep you active and in shape! With Dove(R) Clinical Protection deodorant, you are protected against sweat and odor while staying fit and healthy!

Hey you, sitting there on your couch reading this blog. Put down the ice cream and pay attention. It’s time to get up, get fit, and get outside. Just because the summer is halfway over does not mean that we can get lazy with our workout routines. With a solid month and a half left in this glorious season, let’s stay motivated and active, while also enjoying the gorgeous weather!

Studies have shown that outdoor exercise has more health benefits than indoor exercise at a gym. Not sure what to do once you get outside? Click here for a 30-minute outdoor routine that is sure to get your blood pumping and your muscles moving. Use these tips to make sure that your outside workout is a successful and enjoyable one! Is it too hot outside? Have no fear, easy and effective at-home workout routines are here! Work your abs, arms, and thighs in the comfort of your own home and air conditioning, without shelling out the cash for a gym membership.

Remember, you can workout like a dog without smelling like one. There are plenty of products available that curb that stench and keep you smelling fresh. This month, Smiley members are on a mission to test and review Dove ® Clinical Protection deodorant, which provides all day protection against sweat and odor. Apply before your workout and experience the post-exercise bliss of feeling good and smelling great. Get your $2 off coupon here!

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