A lot of a child’s education is done at home. The environment of a home can definitely play a role in a child’s willingness and interest in exploring and learning. This isn’t to suggest that homeschooling is the way to go or that extensive supervision of your child’s home activities is necessary. But it is recommended to have educational materials available for a child’s edification. It would be great to have a collection of books laying around, exploring the subjects they are taught in school and more. But it’s 2011.

The average kid is going to choose sitting in front of a computer or their PlayStation or phone, hands down. It would be a job continuously restricting them from any or all of it. Instead some monitoring should be done as far as the types of sites that they constantly log in to or the types of games they seek after. It’s all about that middle ground, where they can use the tools that they are practically growing up with while keeping their brains active and encouraging positive curiosity.

Search engines and social networking sites are tainted to some degree, unfortunately, but generally they are great resources. If a kid is into astronomy, for instance, they can simply do a Yahoo search or Google it and stumble upon a grand variety of sites that will allow them to read current articles, view hundreds of pictures, play games, chat about it with their friends, all within minutes. That beats taking a trip to the library in so many ways. Tutors are barely even needed when there are educational DVD’s and sites like YouTube offering tutorials.As long as kids are well informed as far as the dangers of revealing any personal information and the kinds of things that are inappropriate to say online, the Internet can be a great tool to supplement their schooling.

There are brain teaser games that have come out in recent years that both kids and adults alike can benefit from. Let them download puzzles on their phones and logic games for their gaming systems. It’s a great way to keep them quiet and keep their minds buzzing. Imagery is important for a young mind, which is why teachers are often bringing in objects in the classroom for kids to touch and constantly attempting to illustrate things on the board. From math, geography, foreign language, there are games with great graphics and sounds, that kids would definitely enjoy on the market or available for download.

In a world where you can watch the movie version of a book as opposed to turning the pages, it is difficult to keep kids interested in learning and willing to explore ideas and challenge themselves. There is no rewinding on the digital age. The saying goes if you can’t beat them, join them. Although it might seem like no big deal to an adult working all day, kids feel bombarded by subjects in school. Many feel like it’s being forced into their minds, which leads them to sometimes feel discouraged or uninterested. That’s where technology can step in and make the world of a difference, balancing what they’re learning with what they’re interested in individually. It’s all about keeping education within reach in the house and doing everything in moderation.  Parents work to provide all this technology for their kids, so it’s time to make technology work for them.