In anticipation for their F8 conference, social networking giant, Facebook, has a new, key feature up their sleeves. They have developed a one-way follow model called “subscriptions.” describes it as “sort of like Twitter and sort of like Google+.” It’s main purpose is user ease when it comes to maintaining and sharing updates.

In a nutshell, this is how “Subscriptions” will work:
While browsing through Facebook, you will notice that some users have a “Subscribe” button at the top of their profile. When that button is clicked, you will start to see that user’s status updates in your News Feed. And this will work even if you are NOT friends with them. Another difference is that these subscriptions don’t have to be approved by the user and there is no maximum number of people allowed to subscribed to any one user. The appeal is said to target users who want to reach a broader audience without having so many members on one’s friend’s list. These users could be journalists, artists and/or political figures who want to share their updates with people outside their Facebook network.

The original article written on: [Facebook Subscribe Button] further details this new feature.

It’s amazing to see how far Facebook has come along; especially at a time where social media sites are becoming more and more relevant in our every day lives.