When it comes to Halloween, it seems like the general consensus is “more is better!” Sure, more fun, scares, laughs, and memories are all good things, but “more” can also mean more spending. No one wants to break the bank while trying to create a spooky night to remember. So, here are our top 4 party tips that are economically-friendly and will ensure that you and your guests have a fun and frightful Halloween fest:

1. Create Epic Decor

Let’s be real, the best thing about Halloween is that it’s a guilt-free excuse to devour candy. What better way to create a festive environment than by using candy in your decorations! Here are some of our favorite candy decorations:

Candy Corn Garland

People either love or hate the taste of candy corn, but we know everyone will love this use of the controversial treat.

Halloween Treat Jars

 Dress up some glass jars stuffed with candy this Halloween and leave them around the house as unexpected and sweet surprises for your guests!

Barrel of Boos

If you don’t have a barrel, don’t fret! Try covering a table or a stool with a cloth to make this clever candy contraption.

Aside from experiencing the biggest sugar rush imaginable, Halloween is all about spooky moments. Here are some of our favorite tricks to create a haunting environment your guests will love:

DIY Origami Halloween Lights

This is a fun, easy, and cheap activity that the whole family can do together. Enlist the help of your children and friends to make epic origami lights that will leave your guests seriously impressed!

Mason Jar Ghosts

Mason jars are the perfect crafting tool. Grab some paint, googly eyes, and candles to make mini ghost lights that will set the mood and haunt your party.

Decrepit Dwelling 

We may not be big fans of spiders, but we love this idea! What better way to creep out your guests than with fake spider webs? If you really want to leave a chill down their spines, you can get some plastic spiders to place on the webs and around the room.

Spooky Halloween Cups

Crafting can be exhausting and time-consuming. We love these spooky Halloween cups because they are simple to make and adorable!

Eerie Living Room

We love the abandoned look you get from covered furniture. Celebrate this Halloween in style and protect your furniture from potential stains while you’re at it!


2. Play Themed Music and Movies

This tip may seem obvious, but trust us—it has a huge impact on the ambiance of your party. By playing classic horror films and/or Halloween themed movies (depending on the tone you’re going for) in the background, your guests will always have something to talk about. Mix in some classic Halloween tunes (Monster Mash, I Put a Spell on You, Thriller, This Is Halloween, etc.) with your usual go-to party playlist to guarantee some dancing, singing, and laughing.

3. Play Fun Games!

Along with festive food, music, and decor, we love a fun game at a Halloween party! Here are some of our favorites:

Costume Contest

This might not be a game, per say, but we love a good costume contest. After all, Halloween is the one night of the year you get to be someone else. Create different categories and hand out prizes to celebrate the creativity and effort your guests put into their costumes.


Test your guests’ scary movie knowledge with a fun game of trivia. Make up your own questions or find a printable version online and see who knows the most facts!  

Feel box

This mystery game is one of our favorites. Though you know that what you’re touching is harmless, the inability to see draws out your fear and anxiety—in a temporary and fun way! Creep out your guests as they try to guess the everyday items they are touching.

4. Make Themed Snacks

Halloween Cheese and Crackers

We love how this easy hack transforms two party staples: cheese and crackers! Just grab some cookie cutters to upgrade your cheese!


Nothing beats a cute and easy dessert. Dress up your favorite biscotti with some chocolate!

Veggie Skeleton

Not all party snacks have to be unhealthy! Create a fun veggie skeleton your guests will love.

Most of all, remember to relax and have fun!

Have some tips on how to throw a spooktacular Halloween bash? Share them with us in the comments below, or even better–take photos of your monstrous Halloween party and tag us in your FacebookTwitter, or Instagram posts!