"I share with anyone who will listen when I am on a Mission"


Tell us about yourself, your family and where you live!
I live in a small town, Trenton, Ohio where I also grew up. I live with my husband, three boys ages 15, 6, and 4 and our three kitties. I am officially a stay at home mom, but I also work part time as a Mystery Shopper and decorate cakes on the side for fun!
What’s your favorite thing about being a Smiley member?

The best part about being a Smiley member is most definitely the freebies!  I also love discovering new products that I may not have ever known about otherwise.  I tend to get tunnel vision during trips to the store and Smiley has definitely expanded my horizons.

What has been your favorite Smiley Mission you have ever done and why?

My favorite Mission was definitely the BIC Mark-it Permanent Markers.  I am an artist at heart, which is why I love decorating cakes, and I really got into all the fun suggestions for the Mission and my boys loved making their refrigerator frames too!

How do you share when you’re on a Mission?

I share with anyone who will listen when I am on a Mission, especially when it’s a product that makes life easier, or more fun!  Facebook, Twitter, Face to Face, Instagram, you name it, I’m probably sharing there.

Do you think it is important for brands to listen to their customers? Why?

I think it is vital that companies listen to the consumer, after all, we are the ones keeping them in business.  If they don’t make products we like and are relevant to our way of life, they will soon find they don’t have much of a business.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would visit Africa.  I have always wanted to go on safari to see the wildlife. Also, South Africa has some amazing wines that you can’t always get here in the States! It would also put me closer to my goal of visiting every continent, besides Antarctica, putting me at #5!

What brands or products would you love to see on a Smiley Mission soon? 

I would love to see some organic items featured, since I work hard to only serve my family organic foods free from GMOs. I am always looking for new brands that I can trust, and make my life easier!

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