Here at Smiley360, we love our community–which is why we set aside some time each month to recognize and appreciate the members who help make our community the amazing place it is!

This month, Anna H. caught our attention, between all of her great activity within the Smiley community, to her creative sharing on her Smiley Missions. So, we’ve decided to get to know her a little better!

Here’s what we’ve learned about Anna:

How long have you been a Smiley member, and what’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Smiley360 community?

I have been a Smiley 360 member since March of 2016 and my favorite part of being a Smiley360 member is having the opportunity to try new products for free! I love that I can share my experience while using the product to help influence my family, friends and social media followers in making the right decision in purchasing a product.

What has been your favorite Smiley Mission ever, and why?

My favorite Smiley360 Mission ever was the AbCuts Mission because it really motivated me to reach my fitness goals and I was able to successfully share how effective the product was by completing the Mission!

What is your favorite way to share on a Mission and why?

My favorite way to share on a Mission is sharing creative photos of me using a product from my Smiley360 missions on Instagram because there is a wider audience most when you use the right tags.

When you try out products, your opinion counts not only for other consumers, but also for the brand! Why do you feel it’s important for brands to listen to their consumers?

It is important for brands to listen to their consumers because it lets them know that their brand is reaching the right market niche. It also allows them to be aware of opinions whether it’s a positive and/or negative experience because that is imperative for their product development.

What is your best tip for sharing quality posts when you’re on a Mission?

My best tip in sharing quality posts in terms of writing is to be honest and straightforward in delivering the pros and cons of a product, why you recommend it and why you’re going to buy the product for future use. It really helps to have a beautiful and creative photograph of the product so you may want to use good lighting. I love outdoor photography because it creates the right ambient light that you really don’t have to use a lot of filters when posting the photo in social media. I also love flat-lay photography and using a light-colored background because it gives a cleaner image and focuses on the product that you’ll be sharing through Smiley360’s Sharing Tools.



What brands or products would you love to see on an upcoming Mission?

I would love to see more products related to toddlers, beauty (hair, makeup and skincare) and household care.

We love getting to know our members better. Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I love making jewelry from found materials such as semi-precious stones and sea shells!

Do you want the chance to win a special Featured Member pack, and be featured on the Smiley360 blog?

To choose next month’s Featured Member, we’re going to be on the lookout for someone who’s sharing a flat-lay photo! To enter, share your best shot from a current or past Mission, showing off your kit items laid flat!

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